Vice Movie starring Bruce Willis

Take a look to this new official poster of Vice, the upcoming action science-fiction thriller movie directed by Brian A. Miller and starring Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, Ambyr Childers, Johnathon Schaech, Bryan Greenberg, Charlotte Kirk and Tyler J. Olson:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Where the future is your past.

“Julian Michaels (Bruce Willis) has designed the ultimate resort: VICE, where customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look, think and feel like humans. When an artificial (Ambyr Childers) becomes self-aware and escapes, she finds herself caught in the crossfire between Julian’s mercenaries and a cop (Thomas Jane) who is hell-bent on shutting down Vice, and stopping the violence once and for all.”

So Bruce Willis is playing the villain? Well, fine with me: good or bad he’s still a handsome bald man after all!

And here’s an earlier promo poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


A world without rules.
Paradise on earth…?
Not when all hell breaks loose.

The release date of Vice is set to January 16, 2015.

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