Viking Blood Movie Trailer

Viking Blood MovieCheck out the official trailer of Viking Blood,t he upcoming action movie written and directed by Uri L. Schwarz and starring Robert Follin, Pernille Bergendorff, Martin Hestbæk, Uri L. Schwarz, Michael Rajani, Irina Frankild, Mia Lerdam, Peter Holst, Rasmus Hougaard, Bo Madvig, Anders Heymuth-Clausen, Kristine Lauritzen, René Wormark, Arnar Örvar Blomsterberg, Karen Margrethe Gotfredsen, and Thorkil Godvin Hansen:

Plot synopsis;
“A viking mercenary finds himself in the middle of a battle between the old gods and the new. He decides that neither side deserves to win.”

There will be bloodshed. Do you feel like going berserk?

Anyway, here’s the film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Viking Blood Movie Poster

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie.

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