Vin Diesel Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6 MovieVin Diesel dropped on his FB page that F&F 5 won’t be the last Fast and Furious movie: Fast and Furious 6 is quite likely to be produced indeed! Here’s the message Vin Diesel left on his wall:

Fast and Furious 6 Trailer

“If 2009’s ‘Fast and Furious’ was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and chapter 3.”

Actor Vin Diesel

The way Vin Diesel is describing it, it sounds like Fast and Furious 6 would be Part 2 of a two-part direct movie sequel to Fast and Furious 4.

This means that Dom Toretto (the character played by Vin Diesel) will manage, with the help of his friend to escape from prison in F&F 5. From there, he’s likely to go abroad I guess, which hopefully will close the loop from Tokyo Drift: I bet indeed that the movie Fast and Furious 6 will explain how and why Dom went to Japan!

We should get more details about Fast and Furious 6 soon!

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  1. sgt

    I think bring her back and be in japan. To realize everyone is alive. To include Hun. Instead of the team being chased why not make them all the good guys with bad attitudes.

  2. Matthew Patrick(Yugi)

    I think Bring Michelle (Letty) back in to the movie she was a good addition to the movie its weird seeing Dom with out her. Japan is hot…is there casting auditions or for actors that want to join

    • josh

      be aware theres a little spoiler in here dude they are bringing letty (michelle) back in number 6 if you watch number 5 after the end creds she has a report and dawayne (cant remember charaters name lol) says is it turreto (or howeva u spell it and she says no he says he not interested n she says yes u are… do u believe in ghosts and it was a pic of letty (michelle) its got a really nice twist im just anxious to see it all link up to tokyo drift which might be the next one because at the end the girl says to han i thought we were going to tokyo and he said we will get there i realy cant wait

  3. Mitchel

    I saw it last night, opening day, the movie theater was packed as hell and I saw the ending too, it was the undercover cop from the 2nd film, Monica Fuentes, showing Agent Hobbs the file of Letty, mentioning that she was seen with a crew pulling a job. Now, in the 6th film I know for sure Dom is gonna find out that Letty is alive and leave the one cop he got with in the 5th to go look for her, so if you notice “Fast & Furious” really didn’t show how she died, that was only Dom’s imagination thinking how she died.

    Gisele: I thought you wanted to go to Tokyo?
    Han: We’ll get there… Eventually.

    As you can see, by hearing those lines, Han isn’t going to be in the 6th film, I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but Han is heading to Tokyo which will make sense, since Han was in Tokyo before Dom went there and the 6th may show how Dom went there.

  4. Shelley

    Has anyone thought maybe… just maybe… the lady cop from Rio IS Letty?

    In Fast and Furious (2009), after the heist in the Dominican Republic, Dom goes looking for Letty on the beach. When he finds her, she says, “I hear Rio’s nice this time of year.” and for Fast Five, they end up in Rio. He was attracted to the female cop from the very beginning of the movie.

    ALSO – all plastic surgery fanatics know that the BEST and LEAST expensive place to go and have plastic surgery done is Rio Brazil. Remember, Usher Raymond’s ex-wife went down there several years ago for plastic surgery and nearly died.

    She was racing in Fast and Furious to help catch Braga when she died in exchange for freeing Turetto. Things went haywire, but who is to say that the FBI / DEA did not STILL relocate her and forbid contact with Turetto? At the funeral in Fast and Furious, we saw them at the cemetary– but who’s to say that they really buried anyone at all to lure Turetto back?

    In the trailer at the end of Fast Five, they said that they found her prints, and showed the original pics of Letty. When she had the plastic surgery, they changed her face– not her prints. We did not hear them talk to each other at the end of the movie– Dom and the Rio Policewoman. We just know that they are together. She could have told him that she is really Letty, or wait until they get rolling in Fast and Furious 6 to tell him.

    Damn… I should write the screenplay. LOL

  5. Jack

    I don’t think it will be in Japan, as they have done Japan in the 3rd movie. I believe the 6th one will be held somewhere in Europe, and I think it would be in Berlin, Germany.

    At the very end of Fast 5, they did mention that they found Letty, I remember Fuentes (Eva) said something like “Berlin, 3am……..”

    Also, with Han,
    he did mention that he MAYBE wanted to go to MADRID, so, if the producers have thought about this very very early, then I would say the next one will be in Europe. Because of the clues ;)

    To Shelley: There might be a possibility in your suggestion as well. We’ll just wait and see.

  6. Mitchel

    @Shelley, when I read that, it seemed to mostly talk about plastic surgery, and why would that happen to letty? if it did, then we wouldn’t see Michelle Rodqiguez back in it at all, so that can’t happen and @Jack, who knows, they may as well take it to Tokyo Japan, seeing as everyone wants to know how and what made Dom head there, so the 6th film can show what happens with Brian and Mia, then focus on Dom ad show how he heads to Tokyo Japan, but also think, Han was in Tokyo before Dom showed up there, and he said they will get to Tokyo, eventually, but now since he’s on his way to Tokyo, he’s not going to be in the 6th film, and this is also why I say they should make the next one longer because it’s going to have alot more action in it and end the whole franchise, also since the 6th one will be the last before Tokyo Drift, then if you listen to what Twinkie says quote “I heard he’s been beating everyone around Asia too”, that’s also another clue, trying to help you out on the clues you’re looking for man, and as for Letty, again, she didn’t die because for the last time, what everyone saw in the fourth film was only Dom’s imagination. So maybe they’ll take the next film to Asia and we see what happens from there, leading to Tokyo. And also before I forget to leave this part out, it would also show Dom finding out that Letty is alive and going to find her and leave the one cop he got with in the 5th.

  7. Raja 123

    I think that the next movie wont be in japan it will be in another country in europe because hans dies in tokyo drift and in fast 6 i think he said he was going to tokyo also in tokyo drift vin diesel feautres in the end saying he and han was family just like he said in fast 5 (maybe that was a hint).i think letty is alive but something will be diffrent about her and i think she will be against the crew.and the sevent will be in tokyo because that were vin diesel was in tokyo drift becasue for some reason tokyo drift was made beforefast 4 and 5 so they will try to link it somehow.

  8. hiddnroses

    I definitely think that they will fill in some the gaps to Tokyo Drift. I was never a big Letty fan and I think Elsa Pataky’s character is great. It seems to me that as the series has progressed, Dom has grown up too and the movies seem have more depth. Letty’s character to me always lacked depth, but Elena’s character has great depth. It will be interesting to see what happens. It just hope that changing to heist movies doesn’t lose the fast cars. I love the fast cars.

  9. GGOD

    The sixth fast and furious is going to take place in berlin, germany
    First: Fuentes (Eva) said there was a heist in berlin and because she shows Luke the picture of Letty.
    Second: When Hand and the spanish girl (forgot her name) talk about tokyo and madrid but i think alot of people missed this. Both of them were headed to Berlin, which is good sign that the nex film will be in Berlin, Germany.

  10. Mitchel

    Well oh my god, it seems like everyone is saying that Fast Six will take place in Berlin, Germany, I wouldn’t get your hopes up, if it takes place there, we still wouldn’t see Han in it, since this one will show how Dom went to Tokyo, Japan. Han was in Tokyo before Dom, remember that much. And Letty, like I said, Dom finds out shes alive and goes looking for her, thats how it’s going to go.

  11. christina

    To the “FAST” team , well done guys !!!

    I love all your Fast and the Furious Movies !!!

  12. KinkyB

    I hate to break it to all of you, some of you are right and some of you are wrong. It will most likely take place in Berlin, Germany next. Yes Han said he was going to Tokyo but he was heading through Berlin. As for Dom going to Tokyo, I don’t see that happening in this movie, he still has to make his way through Asia, this will not be the last Fast and Furious movie they make, Vin Desil said it was possible they could be going to Tokyo but I doubt it. Because if you look at the car Dom in driving at the end of Tokyo drift, it was the Charger from the RIO heist (Fast Five), but at the end of Fast five he had a 2011 Charger. Also I think Dom will find out about Letty, probably from a phone call from Han and head to Berlin. Brian and Mia will most likely be out for the next couple movies though, at least till Mia has the baby.

  13. Emilio-SouthSac

    Either way, I can’t wait for part 6.

  14. Khanyi

    Hahahaha! Plastic surgery?! O_o… That’s quite an imagination you’ve got there, but no, I HIGHLY doubt that. When they said they had found her prints, I’m 98% sure (Can’t double check) that they also had a surveillance camera catch that particular image of her. Plus, Michelle Rodriguez said (on her official twitter page) that she will confirm Letty as soon as she is given a reasonable contractual offer (meaning that she would be in the film)

  15. Benedict Austin

    I heard from an inside source that some of the film would be set in the UK – which if they are in Berlin, it’s not a million miles away, plus street racing around the capital is pretty high these days

  16. Kcum84

    I was reading threw all of the post and seen this this posted by KinkyB “Because if you look at the car Dom in driving at the end of Tokyo drift, it was the Charger from the RIO heist (Fast Five), but at the end of Fast five he had a 2011 Charger” and would like to correct the make and model of the cars. The car at the end of Tokyo drift that Dom drove was a 1970 Plymouth Satellite and the car at the end of Fast Five was a 2011 Challenger.

  17. mccluvim

    Just want to say that it was explained in faf3 why dom went to tokyo, if you remember he goes because han died and han was his mate which you see in no.4 and 5. No offence but if you lot are saying you want it all explained clearly you’re not very observant because it’s all there in the story.


  18. Speedwolf

    First: about han in regards to him being in future movies, there is no reason he couldn’t be for a few reasons, one is that he said they will get to Tokyo eventually, also there is no way of knowing how long han was in Tokyo before the incident of Tokyo drift, therefore they are still able to keep him going for a while longer, however it cannot be too much longer or many of the cars in Tokyo drift will have been too outdated for it to take place after all the newer models in the upcoming movies

    Second: there doesn’t really need to be an explainer for why Dom makes a cameo at the end of Tokyo drift, did no one think he may have gone there when he heard Han died?

    Third: they can make the movie wherever they want because as soon as Dom hears news of letty being alive he will go to where she was last seen very quickly

  19. Fast&FuriousAddict

    Dom might find out that Letty is alive & go to find her, but Mia & Brian might have the baby in or before the movie is produced. Everyone thinks that the movie will be shot in Berlin or Tokyo, but to evryone i say that you can be right or wrong. The movie will most likely be shot wherever they damn well please. The producers may shoot the movie based on the original actors. Dom, Brian, Mia, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris since they have been in the movie since the beginning. For sure we all know Agent Hobbs will be in the movie.

    Fast 6 will be released on Labor Day of 2013 for those who would like to know.

  20. chris mclain

    Who really cares where its shot and how? As long as they keep coming and have a lot of action and cars… the point is nobody’s going to get tired of these type of movies..

  21. FastBalt

    Just heard that Lucas Black has been contacted to reprise his role….