Vin Diesel Fast and Furious

The fans were craving for a new Fast and Furious movie. And finally we get it, with Vin Diesel and the whole team of the first movie coming back: new model, original parts!

Thanks to Coming Soon we have a second poster of Fast and Furious 4, but I really hope this is not the final poster because it’s rather tame:
Fast and Furious movie poster, but it still isn’t the right one:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it).

Ok I see a somewhat sexy car, but where are the sexy girls? Those ghost heads floating above the American Muscle are just lame… Ok Jordana Brewster has a nice smile, Michelle Rodriguez is cute, but that’s not a poster one would put in one’s room!

Maybe some international poster of Fast and Furious will fix this and get closer to the real spirit of Fast and Furious: girls, cars, action and girls!

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  1. Chase

    cool stuff i hope i get to read more updates