Volturi Twilight New Moon

At long last but not least we may have a first look at the whole Volturi cast from Twilight New Moon, aka Twilight 2:

New Moon Volturi

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New Moon Volturi
The Volturi:
– British actor Michael Sheen as Aro, the most powerful Volturi leader
– Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, a Volturi leader
– Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius, a Volturi leader
– Dakota Fanning as Jane, a nasty Volturi Guard
– Cameron Bright as Alec, a Volturi Guard who is Jane’s twin brother

In the universe of Twilight, the Volturi are like law enforcers among the Vampires: they are much respected, and even feared because of their mind control tricks

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Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus the volturi Dakota Fanning as Jane the volturi
Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius Cameron Bright as Alec

Charlie Bewley as Demetri the volturi guardDakota Fanning is Jane in Twilight 2 New Moon

Some may have been worried when learning that Dakota Fanning would play Jane, but I think there is reason to be optimistic and that she will be true to the role she got: just look at her as Jane! She’s almost like a real vampire. Actually all members of the Volturi look great. There is no denying that Director Chris Weitz is bringing the Twilight movie series to a higher level: Twilight New Moon is no movie for kiddies.

3 Responses - “Volturi Twilight New Moon”

  1. Twilighter's Hub

    i’m going to faint right now!

  2. erza

    Aro = Lucius from Underworld!
    Marcus = cool alien guy from Stargate!
    Casius = kid from Sweeney Todd!

    I’m in love with this new cast.
    Dakota Fanning will take some getting use to…. but I’ll learn to love her like I had to with Robert Pattinson. Still not pleased with him. My man is Carlisle. :)

  3. soki

    what the background music to the brand new trailer please tell me