The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14AMC released a new video to tease us with what to expect from the next season of The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead – Season 4

I really don’t like the governor, let’s hope they will get rid early on in the fourth season of The Walking Dead! And I say let Rick turn into a zombie and Carl take over the lead. The boy makes better decisions than his father!

Anyway, are you impatient to see the next season of The Walking Dead? Any idea who will the next main character to turn into a zombie?

The Walking Dead Season 4 will premiere on AMC in October 2013.

4 Responses - “The Walking Dead Season 4”

  1. justin

    Carl take over LOL r u a moron? lets let a kid who has no issue murdering another kid who is surrendering.
    Who thinks he’s all bad ass. and never listens to his father. if rick is smart he’ll give that kid an ass whooping next time he done not do as he is told. dont care if it is the end of the world. kid need to learn to respect his father and do as he’s told

  2. Jane

    I think Carl is just too dark for his age. Rick understands he is still a child and he must have some compassion which he is not having. To make a dissension to gun an unarmed little boy is not showing humanity. There are at present living in a world where it is every man for themselves but for a little boy to display so much darkness makes me think what type of human being he will become as an adult. There should always be a balance, with carl there is one think kill, kill, kill. I will not be surprised he kills his father for power

  3. Donald

    I agree with you Justin.Rick is the main star.True he put him over his knee and whip his ass.Another thing they shouldn’t of killed off Earl.Him and his brother would of kicked zombie ass in season 4.But my thought is Rick is the best character.I hope we don’t lose Hershel because he is a wise old man.

  4. Faye

    Um Carl does make better decisions than his father.. He doesn’t waste any time.. Either kill or be killed you shouldn’t take any chances. The kid he shot attacked them first. But I don’t think Rick or Carl should lead. Daryl should take over. He’s really good and he makes good decisions. Rick acts like every decision is too difficult to make.. So let Daryl take over. He knows what he’s doing.