Wall Street 2 Movie Trailer

Wall Street 2 Movie Trailer20th Century Fox has unleashed the first movie trailer of Wall Street 2, aka Wall Street Money never Sleeps. Watch this Wall Street 2 trailer below:

Wall Street 2 Trailer


“The film is set 23 years after the first film, in June 2008, and Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) has just been released from prison. Despite his initial attempts to warn Wall Street of the forthcoming economic downturn and stock market crash, no one believes him due to his reduced standing in the financial world. Gekko decides to re-focus his attention on rebuilding his relationship with his estranged daughter, Winnie (Carey Mulligan). Due to their time apart, and the fact that Winnie blames Gekko for her brother Rudy’s suicide, she avoids any contact with him. At the same time, the mentor (Frank Langella) of young Wall Street trader Jacob (Shia Labeouf) unexpectedly dies, and Jacob suspects his hedge fund manager of being involved in the death. Jacob, who is Winnie’s fiance, seeks revenge and agrees to Gekko’s offer of help, in return for which Jacob agrees to help Gekko with Winnie.”

The movie Wall Street 2 is directed by Oliver Stone and is starring Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan, Michael Douglas, Frank Langella, and Susan Sarandon. I’m a bit disappointed that Gekko’s greed has been tamed, but after watching this of Wall Street 2 movie trailer I still have hope that Gekko will reveal himself again sometime in the movie, and that he will be greedier than ever! Greed is good besides legal by now after all!

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