Warcraft Movie

Warcraft Movie directed by Sam Raimi

It’s been announced by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and Legendary Pictures that the World of Warcraft movie ahead of us will be directed by Sam Raimi (who brought us the Spiderman movies).

Warcraft Trailer

“At its core, ‘Warcraft’ is a fantastic, action-packed story. I am thrilled to work with such a dynamite production team to bring this project to the big screen.”

Director Sam Raimi

Fortunately they hire someone with a good track to tackle the live-action movie adaptation of Warcraft. But let’s hope that Sam Raimi will keep in mind that Warcraft isn’t the same as a comic book. The huge universe of Warcraft is a rich fantasy setting that revolves around the epic conflict between the opposing forces of the Horde and the Alliance (to keep it simple: think Humans vs Orcs). It’s a kind of Lord of the Ring world, but I’d say with more action and politics.

Warcraft doesn’t have a fandom, it has followers, like a religion may have. So Director Sam Raimi should really think twice before starting the project: I wouldn’t want to piss off Warcrfaft gamers if I was Sam Raimi…

So Director Sam Raimi, if you don’t want to have to watch your back all your life, you’d better make a great Warcraft movie!

2 Responses - “Warcraft Movie”

  1. Ricky cervantes

    hey don’t piss me off mister Sam Raimi because Warcraf is a good story many teenagers that would like to see a movie like Warcraft if that will go on cinema i hope you will not disappoint on me mister Sam Raimi I hope you will continue that project I really wanna see that in theater so please continue ^_^

  2. Michael

    I seriously cant wait for this movie to release.
    And as stated, you make a bad movie, and you got over 6 MILLION people hating you for it ;P

    Of cause its impossible to put ALL the Warcraft lore into one movie, but i really hope it wont become like, an alliance movie only. Where you see it only from the alliance’s point of view.

    But yeah, make a good movie. And you can count on EVERY single world of warcraft player to go watch it:P