Watch Pixar Burn-E Online

Burn-E MovieBurn-E, the new Pixar short film will be available on the WALL-E DVD coming out November 18. But it seems time is no constraint for some Disney Pixar fans: Burn-E has already leaked online even before the official release of the DVD!

Head to TrailerAddict to have a look:

Watch Pixar Burn-e online —>HERE !

Love the scene with Burn-E stamping a flower on the surface of the starship.

2 Responses - “Watch Pixar Burn-E Online”

  1. Larry Bradley

    Very Funny, Great Job!

  2. M-O FanGirl

    Dawww-Burn-E is cute.. ^^ And that short is funny-he is all- “WOOHOO!” then the lid thingy hits it and he is all- “hhuu-” and falls over, XD