Wheelie Movie trailer

Wheelie MovieCheck out the official trailer of Wheelie, the upcoming CG animated movie directed by Carl Mendez for Kartun Studios based on a script by Keith Brumpton, Peter Hynes, Yusry A. Halim and featuring the voices of Ogie Banks, Frances Lee, Gavin Yap, Brock Powell, Thomas Pang, Barbara Goodson, Tamyka White, Jay Sheldon, Raymond Orta, and Armando Valdez:

Plot synopsis:
“In a world where vehicles are citizens, one underdog cabbie attempts to become king of the road in his hometown, Gasket City. But Wheely, as he is known, soon discovers that staying true to oneself is a greater pursuit than personal glory. When threatened by elitist attitudes and mobster trucks, can one unglamorous local cabbie rise to the challenge and become a global hero?”

Well, this isn’t Disney Pixar’s Cars, but it does look cute!

Anyway, there’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Wheelie Movie Poster

Catch us if you can!

The US release date of the movie Wheelie is set to March 22, 2019 (in theaters and on VOD).

Stay tuned with us for more details.

Update – Another plot synopsis reads as follows:
“In a world where no human exists, and vehicles are the citizens, one underdog cabbie aims to become the king of the road in his hometown, Gasket City. When the girl of his dream is ‘car-napped’, the black and yellow car is forced to take on elite cars, mobster lorries, and a monstrous 18-wheeler truck who is the mastermind of a luxury car-napping syndicate.”

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