When I Live My Life Over Again Movie starring Amber Heard and Christopher Walken

Take a look to the first official poster of When I Live My Life Over Again, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by Robert Edwards:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


“Jude (Amber Heard)’s life in New York City is going nowhere. Her career of singer-songwriter is a joke, her love life is in shambles, and she is having an affair with a married man who also happens to be her analyst. With little else to do, June retreats to the Hamptons, where her father Paul Lombard (Christopher Walken), legendary crooner of romantic ballads and timeless icon, is gearing up to make his big comeback. But for Jude, returning home for the first time in ages means facing her workaholic sister, her sister’s husband (for whom she still carries a torch), Paul’s intolerable fifth wife and worst of all–her father.”

So will father and daughter play music together and manage to top the charts?

The film is starring Amber Heard and Christopher Walken

No official release date yet.

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