Where Hands Touch movie – Amandla Stenberg

We just spotted this new picture of Amandla Stenberg in Where Hands Touch, the upcomign period drama movie written and directed by Amma Asante:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Amanda Stenberg Where Hands Touch

Plot synopsis:
“Germany 1944: 15-year old Leyna (Amandla Stenberg), daughter of a white German mother and a black African father meets Lutz (George MacKay), a member of the Hitler Youth ­- compulsory for all Aryan boys since 1936. They are bound by the realisation of the horrors being committed against the Jews, as Leyna tries to avoid the fate of black Germans at the time. Can she find an ally in Lutz, himself battling the fate laid before him?
This is a coming of age story set in the most brutal of times.”

She looks cute with those German braids. If she was wearing dirndl you’d think she was going to celebrate Oktoberfest, lol.

Anyway, here’s a set visit video thanks to some Belgian news network:

Besides Amandla Stenberg, the cast also includes George MacKay, Abbie Cornish, Christopher Eccleston, Olivia Vinall, Tom Goodman-Hill, Alec Newman, Tim Faraday, Will Attenborough, Lucy Russell, Daniel Weyman, Tom Sweet, Simon Harrison, Ethan Rouse, Ciarán Owens, Jack Sandle, Christian Bronchart, Cedric Tylleman, Griet van Damme, Andrew Vandaele, Georgina Oates, Allard Geerlings, Thomas Ancora, Kurt De Meuter, Tom Magnus, Fleur van Ooij, Harry Henthorn, and Richard Hird.

No official release date.

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