Whip It Clip

WHIP IT!We got a series of preview clips of Whip It, the new comedy movie directed by Drew Barrymoreand starring the cute Ellen Page in the lead role:

Whip it! – Gonna Puke
Bliss (Ellen Page) and her team members psyche themselves out before a match.

“A teenage girl enters the insane world of the roller disco.”

Those girls from Whip It are no small fish: don’t mess with them!

More clips of Whip It, don’t miss the cat fight clip:

Whip it! – Best One Ever
Mrs. Cavender (Marcia Gay Harden) berates her daughter (Ellen Page) for not being into beauty pagents.

Whip it! – Tell The Girls Have Their Fun
Bliss (Ellen Page) and Pash (Alia Shawkat) sneak out to go to a roller-derby game.

Whip it!- Food Fight!
Bliss (Ellen Page) and Dinah Might (Juliette Lewis) battle with food.

Whip it! – Food Fight!
Bliss (Ellen Page) sees a familiar looking guy.

I wonder who’s supposed to clean up after those careless crazy girls splash food all over the place… Anyway, the movie Whip it is gonna a sweet funny movie!

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