White House Down Movie directed by Roland Emmerich

White House Down Movie trailerHere below a few official look at White House Down, the upcoming action thriller movie directed by Roland Emmerich based on a script by James Vanderbilt and starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, and Maggie Gyllenhaal:

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“A Secret Service agent (Channing Tatum) is tasked with saving the life of the U.S. President (Jamie Foxx) after the White House is overtaken by a paramilitary group.”

The plot synopsis of White House Down kind of reminds of Olympus Has Fallen. But here’s it’s homegrown terrorism, not North Korean invaders. And since Roland Emmerich is directing the film we may expect much action and apocalyptic special effects! Last but not least, the film tries to stick to its time with a black president.

The release date of White House Down is set for June 28, 2013.

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  1. Really?

    “the film tries to stick to its name with a black president”

    uh… how does it stick to its name with the movie title? I hope you’re not implying anything.

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