Wichita Movie

Splash News spotted Tom Cruise in the midst of a stunt on the set of he movie Wichita:

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Tom Cruise - Wichita Movie

Wichita is an upcoming action comedy movie directed by James Mangold and starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Peter Sarsgaard. Wichita is scheduled for a release on July 2, 2010.

Plot of Wichita:
“An action-comedy that begins when a small-town woman (Cameron Diaz) has a chance encounter with a mysterious man (Tom Cruise). He is either the man of her dreams or, perhaps … her nightmares. Amid shifting allegiances and unexpected betrayals, they are swept up in a whirlwind of globe-hopping adventure and world-changing secrets.”

Two years ago I wouldn’t be interested in a comedy movie starring Tom Cruise. But I’ve been flabbergasted by his performance in Tropic Thunder and I’m actually quite impatient to see how the movie Wichita is going to turn out!

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    Cant wait to see the next of Tom Cruise Movie!! Btw, ur site is rocks, man!! Keep it up!!

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