Will Ferrell Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost FILMWe’ve got an extended trailer of Land of the Lost, a new adventure sci-fi movie comedy movie starring Will Ferrell in the lead role:

Land of the Lost Extended Trailer

Director Brad Silberling is helming the movie Land of Lost. And the cast can boast Danny R. McBride and Anna Friel besides Will Ferrell.

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2 Responses - “Will Ferrell Land of the Lost”

  1. Enik

    I’m disappointed that it’s going to be a comedy. I’d much prefer to see a mature take on the Land of the Lost concept. I love the old TV show for it’s sci-fi underpinnings and melodrama, not the goofiness that occasionally crept in.

  2. Jamie

    This was horrible. Don’t waste your money. This is not for children!

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