Wolfman Trailer Leaked

The Wolf Man
Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins are son and father in the Wolf Man, an upcoming remake of the 1941 cult movie.

A bootleg of the Wolfman trailer shown at the last Comic Con has leaked on the web (via Eni), here it is:

Wolfman Bootleg Trailer

Update: The official trailer is now available:


Below the former trailer of the Wolf Man:


The Plot:
“Upon his return to his ancestral homeland, an American man (Del Toro) is bitten, and subsequently cursed by, a werewolf.” (IMDb)

I think this movie is going to be rated R for its gruesome violence. Judging from this Wolfman trailer, bloody disgusting scenes will be plenty in the movie: the Wolf Man must be hungry!

10 Responses - “Wolfman Trailer Leaked”

  1. Peter

    I was too young to see Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. My brothers saw these two and then years later I was old enough to see the remake “The Mummy”. All 3 awesome. Now, 2009, the Wolf Man will live again!!!

    I cannot wait!!! :D

  2. Hugo

    Looks good, looks very good. Can’t wait to see it,

  3. Danny Orozco

    It looks very good and I can’t wait myself to see it.

  4. Grant

    Looks really good. Cant wait.

  5. michael

    this better not be R-RATED, the trailer looked good, and hugo weaving, who played elrond!

    i have the original and love it, hopefully although there isn’t much hope, it won’t be R or too bloody.


    It should be rated r. If the wolfman really existed, how awful and bloody would it be for the villages in real life? Terrifying every full moon. I hope it doesn’t come off like the werewolf in Van Helsing. We want more realism from our monsters. No funny stuff either. There’s nothing funny about a man who turns into a wolf every full moon and tears to pieces animals and humans. Let’s do it right this time and make a serious monster movie.

  7. Lookslikewegottawait

    Looks like the movie will not be coming out until Feb. 2010 because of the twilight sequel… Pretty lame, yes I know.

  8. J Smith

    This movie will definitely get an R rating.

  9. Zeke

    I think its gona be really good and i hope they remake some of the other classics as well. “an upcoming remake of the 1941 cult movie.”

  10. John Shupe

    This movie is going to be an absolute hit, great movies need great actors and this is a prime example of a well made movie what i can tell from the trailers.