Woman Walks Ahead Movie

Actress Jessica Chastain will have the lead role as Catherine Weldon, “Sitting Bull’s white squaw”, in Woman Walks Ahead, the upcoming biography drama movie directed by Susanna White based on a script by Steven Sknight. Here’s the official plot synopsis:

Plot synopsis of Woman Walks Ahead:
“In 1889, widow Catherine (Caroline) Weldon (Jessica Chastain) leaves behind her unsatisfying life in New York City to pursue her dream to be a painter, and bravely travels alone to the Dakota Territory, with the goal of painting the infamous Sioux chief Sitting Bull. Despite his fearsome reputation, Catherine is surprised to discover that Sitting Bull is a more complex and intriguing man than she expected to find, and their relationship grows and deepens. But as the U.S. government plots to force the Plains Indians to abandon their land and move onto reservations, Catherine, Sitting Bull and the Plains Indians will be swept up in the dramatic and violent history that will end with the devastating battle at Wounded Knee. From Academy Award® nominated writer Steven Knight, comes a beautiful story about love and legacy, set amidst the epic backdrop of the Native American struggle against the US government’s takeover of their land.”

Here’s a picture of the real-life Catherine Weldon (following comments from our readers we updated the picture, so yep now that’s her, but in her old age):

Catherine Weldon - Caroline Weldon

The film is in pre-production. There’s no official release date yet.

Anyway, Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Woman Walks Ahead!

4 Responses - “Woman Walks Ahead Movie”

  1. Daniel G.

    I can assure you that the image you posted on your website is NOT Caroline Weldon but a completely unrelated person off a genealogy website from Australia. I do have the only known and authenticated image of Caroline Weldon, it is now under lock and key pending the re-edition of the biography in which is it planned to be formally published. I would suggest to you to remove that image, for the sake of historical accuracy. If you must, then suggest to feature a portrait of Jessica Chastain, the actress slated to play Caroline Weldon.

    • Cindy Sauer

      @Daniel G
      The woman in the photo posted on this site is Catherine Weldon from Canada, originally Ireland She was a telegrapher in the west of Canada and her husband the lineman and they were instrumental in helping to open up Canada’s west. I have seen her photo on other sites to represent the wrong Weldon lady as well. I know because that is my photo and she was my great grandmother.

      • CroShayLady

        @ Cindy Sauer. It is invaluable to have insight like yours, from a relative. Thank you for sharing your information.

  2. Angela

    I absolutely loved the movie, I would love to see the picture of the real Caroline Weldon. Just for the sake of History and that she was for her era a brave and wonderful soul.