World of Warcraft Movie

World of Warcraft Movie

MTV has talked to Frank Pearce, VP of product development at Blizzard Entertainment. And he confirmed that there is a World of Warcraft movie in development.

Warcraft Movie Trailer

“Legendary Pictures is currently trying to assign some names to write the screenplay and find someone to direct it, so it’s still really early in production, they want to make sure they get the right talent for those different parts, especially the screenwriting, because that’s the foundation for the movie.”
Frank Pearce, VP of product development at Blizzard Entertainment

And it looks like it won’t be be all CGI, we should rather expect a live action World of Warcraft movie:

[The idea of a complete CGI movie] has come up in discussions but it’s not something we’ve really considered because it takes so long to generate just the brief amount of footage that we create for the game. […] That department’s focus is creating the footage for the games to tell the story; it would be a huge undertaking and it’s not really something that we’re ready to do anytime soon.”
Frank Pearce, VP of product development at Blizzard Entertainment

If such an epic fantasy/adventure movie based on the popular video game series is ever released it would be a massive box office success! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the movie World of Warcraft to happen soon!

8 Responses - “World of Warcraft Movie”

  1. jimmy A.K Lewis Jr

    This would be a great production and I would love to help in any way shape or form not sure with what just tell me what you need from someone like me! I live out in charlotte NC, and really have played all the games to the Warcraft and Starcraft. Nothing would make me more happy than to know I was apart of the grand Warcraft genarations, wether it be a actor of the heroes, narrator, or a director, editor. I mean this would be great I always wanted to be part of a film development. So please if there is any way I can help let me know asap. Thank and from a loving fan jimmy aka DKDJJJ24

  2. Paul V. McKenzie

    I, like the other guy, would love to help with the movie in any way possible. I have read all the books out now, read up on all the lore on the website, and well all in all think me a warcraft nerd. I just hope that they stick with the actual story behind warcraft and don’t do what WOW does and implements its own stuff to please the masses that don’t know / care about warcraft history. If there is any thing i could help with just let me know.

  3. Joshua Perez

    WOW was a continuation of warcraft 3 i mean when you were questioning did you even read the quest or better yet did you even watch the cinematics when opening the game it tells you where your you are at in the story see its people like you that call yourself a wow nerd but don’t know anything about it! damn you pissed me off paul! anyway i think they should do the movie in CGI because it would be something a little different and you cant go wrong with it i mean yes it would take a long time but think about it you’re just going to have another bullshit movie like LOTR i mean look at Beowulf it was done in CGI and it was an outstanding movie and FF advent children another great CGI movie i’m telling you there’s only so much you can do with a live action movie but with CGI the sky is the limit

  4. The Real Lore Mastuh

    Okay, Paul. One.. most of the books you read have f**ked up the Warcraft storyline so many times that they had to add characters because some shitty author who got approved by Blizzad (Vivendi Games more like it, so they can make more money!) If you were a true Warcraft nerd you’d hate the fuck out of the books for changing the god damn story such as the one book who says Arthas kills Ner’zhul which could and never happened according to Blizzard themselves when they are one damn entity now, they both refer to Lich King. Those books are bad only a few are good.. BARELY any story changes have happened to the Warcraft story following along the lines of WoW, Maurdin was a big mess because everyone thinks he died but he really didn’t being that WOW is a continuation! He became king of the Frostborn with dementia. You sir, are in no way shape or form.. A Warcraft nerd. Or do you respect the story. If at all.

  5. acrossy16

    Wow I dream of being casted in the World of Warcraft movie because
    I really love playing Warcraft although not World of Warcraft. Is there
    anyway I can get there?

  6. kdawg

    okay but honestly most of you guys gettin angry dont realize that most of the wow playing community was too young to remember those games and they arent exactly long enough plotlines to make a movie and plus they were to game based

  7. skater17

    As soon as i heard that they were making a WoW movie, i flipped cause i think that it would be a great movie. As the other guys have said, if here is anything that I can do, let me know. I would love to help in some way shape or form. Just let me know.

  8. Francis

    World of Warcraft. Best video game ever built. I get nervous when I hear about this epic movie only because I feel like someone is going to screw this movie up. There should be a series (3 or 4) of 3 hour movies the first one horse vs alliance thrall and arthis. The second movie incorporate characters from the expansion burning crusade I don’t know the lore well there but another epic movie could easily be produced from the game.Of course leading us into my favorite the rise of the Lich King make this the most epic thing anyone’s ever seen and give kids nightmares when they see the Death knight. Wrap it up With the dragon of all Dragon battle against the Cata Drake for the epic fourth movie! If that’s too many take out the second movie. These can absolutely not be only cgi Definitely should be alot of it in the movie, but when the characters are o the travel and in cities it should have the feel of the movies Mad Max and Lord of The rings even some old school star wars type feel. Make it happen don’t try to cookie cut some movie just to make a quick buck. Do this for the fans and we will buy copies forever..For The Horde!