X-Files 3 in 2012

X-Files 3Actress Gillian Anderson said that she’s ready to reprise her role as Scully for a new X-Files movie. And according to the rumor, the movie X-Files 3 is in preparation and should be filmed in 2012. That date may ring a bell for X-Files fans. Not so long ago Scriptwriter-producer Frank Spotnitz even hinted at 2012 as a possible plot element for the next X-Files movie sequel:

Frank Spotnitz the father of X-Files

“As you know the date of December 2012 is an important one in ‘The X-Files,’ and I’d like to focus on that.”

Frank Spotnitz

According to X-Files lore, the final stage of the Alien invasion is due to start in December 2012. So yes bring it on! We don’t want to see stupid beheaded monsters again…We want the real deal that made X-Files a success: we want the aliens back in the movie X-Files 3!

2 Responses - “X-Files 3 in 2012”

  1. Kristen Ann Winslet

    If there is to be a third feature film for the X-Files, it should indeed focus on the impending alien invasion on December 22, 2012 as portrayed in the final episode of the series.

    I believe the film should not try to cover too much territory by explaining everything that has happened from the time of the second film, or the series to where the film picks up the story line, but should tie in many of the relationships of the story to the series so that it all makes sense for the die hard X-Files fan.

    This film would climax the entire X-Files effort and could perhaps help to create an afterlife for the series.

    It is my belief that there is a very real possibility that intelligent life does exist outside our own solar system. If this is true and statistically this does seem probable, than I would suggest we most likely are being visited by them as well.

    After all, seeing truly is believing . . . the truth is out there.

    Kristen Ann Winslet
    MUFON Field Investigator
    (STAR Team / SIP Project)

  2. Mark

    I agree, however we would not want to deplete the whole essence of suspense, which has been a driving force in this movie