X-Files 3 Movie

X-Files 3 Movie

Frank Spotnitz the father of X-FilesThe Sci-Fi Movie Page (here) talked to scriptwriter-producer Frank Spotnitz and get some details about a possible X-Files 3. Frank Spotnitz still wants a third opus in the X-Files movie series even if the X-Files 2 didn’t perform as well as expected. He has an excuse out of his hat to explain the poor results of the second film:

X Files 3 Movie Frank Spotnitz

“[the movie] opened a week after ‘The Dark Knight’ and got mowed down by it. No one knew what a huge historical event it would be.”

Frank Spotnitz

I’d rather say that the absence of aliens has more to do with it than Batman though… And 20th Century Fox isn’t in a hurry to green light X-Files…

But Frank Spotnitz states that did well overseas and that he expects it do well on DVD. So he is adamant at making a third movie with Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) that he may go alone to produce it. He’s already thinking about a potential plot for X-Files 3:

“As you know the date of December 2012 is an important one in ‘The X-Files,’ and I’d like to focus on that.”

Frank Spotnitz

If I may give an advice to Frank Spotnitz he should focus on aliens in the movie X-Files 3 and maybe also develop what happened to Scully’s toddler. It would make a really great X-Files 3 movie!

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  1. eric fenn

    I’d like to see the next x-files movie start where the fight the future movie left off. The smoking guy handing the letter to the other guy in the field. Do it like the back to the future movies where the continuity is as if you watched one,paused it and then played it.

    Just forget about the second movie as if it was just a filler like in the series.

  2. Kachina

    XF3 should be about the invasion. The whole mythology was about that one thing and if it is never finished, I would have wasted nine years of my life watching the episodes. We need to see what will happen. We need to watch it take place. We need to see Mulder and Scully stop it from happening once and for all!

  3. Gabriela

    I’d love to hear more about the invasion because I went without sleep most nights trying to get through the x files series 1-9 before Christmas last year and I don’t want to have done that for nothing :)

    And more about William would be nice too :D

  4. Carla

    Bringing back CSM, “the” best characters of the entire series (after Mulder of course…) would be a GREAT idea too.

  5. Kim Conklin

    I am such a huge X-files fan, I enjoyed the 2nd movie very much, but they should bring all the old characters from the tv show, I was so excited when Skinner showed up in the 2nd movie. I want to see Scully and Mulder stop the invasion and I want to see if scully and Mulder are ever going to get there Child back. I want to see those two together some more, I got goosebumps when they where in bed together and there kissing sceen was awesome…Please make a 3rd movie, I want to know what happens..I have alot of cool Ideas if you need any..I love you Chris Carter..Your biggest Fan Kimberly conklin.

  6. Kim Conklin

    I bet ya, if you make a 3rd movie with Aliens, invasions and William you will make a crap load of money and you make alot of x-file fans really Happy…. you have to bring back the cast.

  7. Richard Wood

    I may have an unpopular opinion, but I liked the movie I Want to Believe and would try to start off that story leading to a unique twist in the direction you want to go–being be real careful not to bringing back characters from the dead. The “other episodes” that were not about the alien conspiracy were very entertaining that showed how “Evil” has been a stand alone intelligence throughout the series and the aliens are not immune to it. Humans seem to be caught between God, good and evil and never in the series did I get the idea that God has been beaten by it. Humans, perhaps are the chosen beings because of our ability to be immune to evil by how we live our lives, many of use religion and faith and some are shaped by events, good or bad. Even Frank Black dealt with good and evil and he could very well be a great informant to Mulder in X 3. It can lead to renewable story twists and wonderful friction between Mulder and Black and possibly Skinner, the modest hero of the X Files. The Lone Gunmen are gone and CSM is gone. Skinner has allot of story left in him as well as John Doggit. If you need something to make Mulder and Scully’s romance to fade away a little, maybe a Frank Black twist of good and evil will spark Mulder into Frank Black’s dark and haunting world. Don’t forget that both Scully and Mulder have been abducted, tat too has story opportuniy. Even though the Millenium group may be gone, or, wait are they gone? Perhaps they are the Fight The Future group. Oh, I have heard it said that Fringe is what X Files should have been. I disagree. Don’t try too hard, the story lies within the X Files and the Millenium group. “The truth is there, you just have know where to look”.

  8. wendy l

    I really hope they make an x files 3. I went to see the second one twice even though it was a little disappointing because I wanted to see them happy not arguing so much. I want to see them save the world from the aliens, get their son back, and a really good kissing scene. I deserve it for the 9 years I watched faithfully every Sunday night.

  9. esdawet

    I’m absolutely in favor for XF3. Though some feel disappointed by XF: IWTB, I don’t. I think XF2 enlightened us about what happened to Mulder & Scully after they left the bureau. So the time line of this movie is several years after the final episode of X-Files season 9. It seemed to give some kind of ground base for the third movie. It is predictable that the 3rd movie will come to terms with the set date of final alien invasion (December 22, 2012). I also believe that William, Mulder’ & Scully’s son, will undoubtedly appear in this movie.

  10. Chona

    I’m a huge X-Files fan. I love Mulder & Scully. I watched the 2nd movie twice on big screen. I hope they will make X-Files 3. I want to see how Mulder & Scully save the world from alien invasion in 2012. I like to know what happen to William.

  11. Richard

    I am very excited about a third X-Files movie. I actually did kind of like the second movie because you get to follow up on their future, and you know, just to see them again. But think about it: What if the second X-Files movie was about alien invasion and the third one will be about the second movie? I, personally wouldn’t be excited about a third X-Files movie then. So I want to see the third X-Files with John Doggett, The Lone Gunmen, Gibson Praise, William and other left out characters in The X-Files III. Oh and especially, the aliens I want to see :D

  12. Cosmo

    There should be another X-file movie 3 and Chris Carter should be a part of it in order to redeem themselves from the X-file 2 movie that really wasn’t an X-files movie. I enjoyed seeing Scully and Mulder again, however, they really didn’t appear that much together and they mostly disagreed about everything. I think that the third sequel should start off with Scully and Mulder getting married. The celebration should include all of their old friends like Skinner and Dogget. There should be some discussion about them addressing themselves by their last name since Scully will now be a Mulder. Just as the celebration is ending and they will leave for their honeymoon, someone approaches them and asks for their help because Gibson Price and (William) are in trouble. Scully and Mulder cannot refuse considering who they think
    William is, thus the alien invasion begins and hopefully ends with the good guys winning. This would be a good way to end the series and final chapter for the X-Files.

  13. Anthony Kohta Medley

    I think there should be an X-Files III movie and it should be about the final alien invasion. I would like to finally see that finally come to play.

  14. TIna Burch

    The X-files Was a big Part of my life in the 90’s. I was such a geek, couldn’t wait for school to start Monday so I could talk it over with my best friend.We even wrote our own book, that only we’ve read, of course. I loved both of the X-files movies, and would be really excited to see another. Any true fan of the X-files wouldn’t have been disappointed in the second movie. Not every episode of the X-files had aliens.

  15. JENNY

    All I want is to know if ever there is gonna be a movie where we find out what happened to William. The other two movies were great, but please!!! I can think of a thousand things William can be as a child, being what he is!! I miss them, it was like saying goodbye to good friends when X-Files ended.

  16. issacasimov

    There really needs to be a conclusion. The show ended, with everyone knowing that all our lives would get turned upside down in the year 2012, but nothing was going to be done about it. It doesnt matter that the year 2012 has already passed. The movie could focus on the current resistance, with flashbacks to the invasion. The story doesnt get old no matter how many times its told, I mean, we are about to see an Independence Day II, and III. I know that I am one of millions of fans that want a conclusion, and would love to see many of the X files characters return to the screen.