X-Men First Class

X-Men First Class MovieX-Men First Class
Directed by ?
Starring Patrick Stewart
Release Date: TBA 2011

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One Response - “X-Men First Class”

  1. Kevin Lowe

    hrmm…. Im hoping this is a mock-poster.
    I get the series. I understand that the marvel universe is very fluid and can be changed up for a limited series or for the movies but… Come on already. With the release of wolverine most fans of the comics are going to start talking crap about the series.
    I honestly believe the fans are about to turn on the series. Even the thought of the Magneto movie is starting to sound like too many nipples on a bat suit.
    If the studios are planing something (which im hoping they’re not) please go back, read the comics we so love and start from there. Its the characters and stories that inspired our imaginations and fan-boy fantasies. But at this point im wondering if they even care? The heart left with last-stand… somewhere around phonix.
    At this point were watching live action ‘What If’ comics that make no sense.
    All the writers and directors seem to care about is ‘how many popular characters can we fit into 90 min?’ This is no longer working.
    The thought of ‘first class’… So Beast and Jean are in their 20’s. Scott is prepubesecent. Meaning that Bobby and Warren are toddlers?
    Im assuming the cast will consist of psylocke, penance and a young apocalypse? With a special Jonothan Strasmore! Hey Emma will finally make sense.