Year One Movie Clip

The Year One MovieDirector Harold Ramis is digging in Biblical times to bring us The Year One, a surprising comedy movie. The film is starring Jack Black and Michael Cera.

Here below a preview clip of the Year One:

“When a couple of lazy hunter-gatherers (Black and Cera) are banished from their primitive village, they set off on an epic journey through the ancient world.” (Source: IMDb)

– Jack Black as Zed
– Michael Cera as Oh
– Olivia Wilde as Princess Inanna
– June Raphael as Maya
– David Cross as Cain
– Paul Rudd as Abel
– Juno Temple as Eema
– Oliver Platt as High Priest
– Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Isaac
– Hank Azaria as Abraham

Black warned viewers expecting a comedy along the lines of Ghostbusters or Knocked Up, that the style of the film is much more along the lines of the Monty Python movies. The preview clip of Year One confirms indeed that Year One is a combination of Jack Black’s own comedy skills with some Monti Python influence (which plays with absurdity).

You can sign me up for The Year One!

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  1. Iszaham

    I don’t know about this film, but they got Jack Black. i’m sure it goin’ to be funny film!

  2. Joey

    This is going to be the best movie of the summer, possibly of the year

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