Yellow Submarine 3D Movie

Disney Studios has hired Director Robert Zemeckis to helm the remake of a Yellow Submarine announced that it will produce a 3D remake of The Beatles’ 1968 animation film Yellow Submarine. Pixar isn’t in charge: the film will actually be created by ImageMovers Digital, Disney’s state-of-the-art performance capture animation studio operated in conjunction with Zemeckis and his partners. The Yellow Submarine 3D movie will include 16 major hits of the Beatles as well as recordings from the original animated film.

A first look at the logo of the Yellow Submarine 3D, it was unveiled at Disney’s D23:

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)


A few words from Robert Zemeckis about the Yellow Submarine 3D:

Robert Zemeckis

“Yellow Submarine’ is one of the greatest fantasy films of all time, and making this new 3D performance capture movie is a dream come true for me. With the latest advances in technology, we will be able to take moviegoers on a voyage unlike any other, and bring new excitement and dimension to Pepperland and the various sea worlds they encounter. I’m thrilled to be working with the good folks at Apple Corps and our partners at Disney on this epic retelling of one of my all time favorite films.”

Director Robert Zemeckis

Watch below the movie trailer of the original Yellow Submarine movie:


“The movie is set in Pepperland, an undersea paradise inhabited by music lovers who live in peace and harmony and are protected by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. That is… until they are threatened by the music hating Blue Meanies. It’s up to John, Paul, George and Ringo to set off on a magical adventure in their yellow submarine and bring music and harmony back to Pepperland.”

There will be some pressure on Zemeckis to get this remake right… So many fans would be pissed off if he wasn’t respectful of the source material!

8 Responses - “Yellow Submarine 3D Movie”

  1. Mel Pahoa

    I think Jim Carrey would be great as the Chief Blue Meanie—just a suggestion!

  2. Mary VanderValk

    I am so super excited — I soo love the Beatle’s YELLOW SUBMARINE, everything!

    (Life) It’s getting better all the time! :o)

    Now all we need is a traveling live Musical Show! WOO!

  3. Hedgehogfan1

    I only hope that they don’t cast George Lopez as Max

  4. Sean Bassett

    They should keep the story the same but rename it to “SGT Pepper’s lonely hearts club band”.That way they wouldn’t have to have yellow submarine in it.Yellow submarine is the worst Beatles song made.

  5. Syd Barrett

    @Mel Pahoa: I AGREE! It would make it up.

  6. Mojopie

    Get Paul and Ringo to work on a John and George outtake from their solo years. Two New Beatle Songs.

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