Yogi Bear Clip

We’ve got our hands on a series of preview clips of Yogi Bear:

Yogi Bear Trailer

Yogi Bear – Check the safety manual!

Yogi Bear – Boo Boo cam

More clips of Yogi Bear below:

Yogi Bear – I’m so smart it hurts

Yogi Bear – Ranger Smith at your service

Yogi bear – Razzle dazzle

Yogi Bear – Time to introduce myself to that pic-a-nic basket

Yogi Bear – Run Boo Boo, run!

Yogi Bear – I put safety belts in this raft.

The CGI in Yogi Bear does look good, but the scenes mixing real actors and CGI characters are kind of disappointing, they don’t really blend together… Especially that scene with Anna Farris who’s adjusting Boo Boo’s bow tie.

Anyway, the movie still looks fun to watch.

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