Z for Zachariah Movie Trailer

Let’s watch the first official trailer of Z for Zachariah, the upcoming science-fiction movie directed by Craig Zobel and starring Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Chris Pine:


After the end of the world one place was spared.

From the best-selling novel by Robert C. O’Brien.

“In the wake of a nuclear war, a young woman (Margot Robbie) survives on her own, fearing she may actually be the proverbial last woman on earth, until she discovers the most astonishing sight of her life: another human being. A distraught scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor), he’s nearly been driven mad by radiation exposure and his desperate search for others. A fragile, imperative strand of trust connects them. But when a stranger (Chris Pine) enters the valley, their precarious bond begins to unravel.”

Polyandry is the only solution here and it’s the best for the sake of mankind: the larger the genetic pool the better for mankind’s survival!

The film is due in theaters August 21, 2015.

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