Zirkonians Came From Upstairs

They Came From Upstairs is an upcoming sci-fi Summer 2009 movie that kids will enjoy. It’s about a bunch of young teens who are facing an alien invasion that come from upstairs! Yep, the aliens aren’t Klingons but Zirkonians, they get to Earth through the house attic! Let’s learn more about those Zirkonians:

Sparks: 204 years old (Earth age equivalent: 21), Geeky, tech savvy Sparks is the kindest, and the most excitable, member of the group.
Skip: 478 years old (Earth age equivalent: 48), Skip may not be large but he’s certainly in charge – even when things don’t go his way.
Assassin: 238 years old (Earth age equivalent: 24), is the muscle in the alien team, but he leaves the brainy work to the others.
Razor: 218 years old (Earth age equivalent: 23), she is a one-woman powerhouse, brains and brawn all in one feisty package.

Mankind is no species to give up easily, against the machines or against the aliens: we fight back! Even our kids are ready!

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