Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective Movie Trailer

Ace Ventura 3

Josh Flitter who’s playing the son of Ace Ventura (formerly played by Jim Carrey) won’t see a theatrical release of Ace Ventura 3 in which he has the lead role. The production company has indeed gotten cold feet and has decided that a direct-to-DVD release in March would be better.

Anyway, thanks to Cinematical, via Ramasscreen, we finally have a trailer of Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective, aka Ace Ventura 3:

Ace ventura 3 Movie Trailer

I must admit that the movie does not look that much edifying… but hey, one should not refuse to laugh, even if it’s laughing at the movie itself! So if you get a free DVD of the movie then you should watch Ace ventura 3: the dog in the movie is really worth a look!

The dog in Ace Ventura Junior Pet Detective


5 Responses - “Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective Movie Trailer”

  1. laine

    Who approves of this garbage? I demand to know

  2. youdontneed2no

    although not Jim Carrey the boy got comedy

  3. youdontneed2no

    I liked the second movie

  4. tom ace

    Yeech! Looks like a loser!

  5. Kirsty

    Why oh why did they have to ruin Ace Ventura….It was so good and now they’ve ruined it! *Sarcastic thanks to the writer and director*…..Why didn’t you just leave it as it used to be? Why did you have to go to the next level?……This was my favourite film….and now….you’ve ruined it….

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