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Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective Movie Trailer

Ace Ventura 3

Josh Flitter who’s playing the son of Ace Ventura (formerly played by Jim Carrey) won’t see a theatrical release of Ace Ventura 3 in which he has the lead role. The production company has indeed gotten cold feet and has decided that a direct-to-DVD release in March would be better.

Anyway, thanks to Cinematical, via Ramasscreen, we finally have a trailer of Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective, aka Ace Ventura 3:

Ace ventura 3 Movie Trailer

I must admit that the movie does not look that much edifying… but hey, one should not refuse to laugh, even if it’s laughing at the movie itself! So if you get a free DVD of the movie then you should watch Ace ventura 3: the dog in the movie is really worth a look!

The dog in Ace Ventura Junior Pet Detective


Ace Ventura 3 Elvis Presley In His Dog Reincarnation

Dog in Ace Ventura 3Looks like Elvis Presley reincarnated in a dog avatar for the movie Ace Ventura 3, aka Ace Ventura Jr.

Check some pictures of the movie at:

Ace Ventura Pictures

I suppose it is OK to disguise a dog for a movie… But I can’t understand people are wasting money bringing their pets in dedicated salons…. How ridiculous! Anyway, it is good for business…

Poster of Ace Ventura 3

Here below the funny poster of the upcoming comedy Ace Ventura 3, with Josh Flitter as the son of the famous detective:

Ace Ventura 3 Poster

Ace Ventura 3, aka Ace ventura Jr.

Do you know where the Ventura family buy their clothes?

Ace Ventura 3 Movie

Ace ventura Jr.Being a pet detective must be in the DNA of the Ventura family. The father Ventura (Jim Carrey) may have get lost in the second movie but don’t worry that does not mean the end of the Ventura movie series: Junior is indeed still here as a a legitimate heir!

More details at: Ace Ventura 3 Junior Emulates His Father The Pet Detective

The role of Ace Ventura Junior is played by clever fatty boy Josh Flitter.

Ace Ventura 3

Ace Ventura JrAce Ventura 3
aka Ace Ventura Jr.
Directed by David M. Evans
Starring Josh Flitter, Emma Lockhart, Art LaFleur, Reed Alexander, William Haze, Cullen Douglas, Ann Cusack, Ralph Waite
Release Date: TBA September 2008

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