Bolt Clip

Bolt Movie by Disney

John Travolta is lending his voice to a dog in Bolt, upcoming CGI animated movie by Disney. Watch below an extended clip of Bolt:

Bolt Extended Preview Clip

Naughty pets! Love the scene with the hamster ball propelled from the dog mouth: so funny!

What character do you prefer? Bolt the dog, the hamster of the cat? I don’t have pet yet, but I’d be delighted to have one like those!

4 Responses - “Bolt Clip”

  1. Maria

    I love this dog Bolt looks so cute
    What dog race does he belong to?

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Hi Maria,

    Bolt is a German shepherd :)

    Should have been a brown American dog, but Disney finally chose a white German Sherpherd.

  3. Alex finne l

    Hi Bolt is the best dog ever i like him he’s awsome i wish i can see him in the movies and he rocks

  4. Leon_Lightning

    WOW! Fully Awesome!
    I don’t have pet too, but I want own them all!
    Really love them!

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