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Rhino The Hamster In Bolt Movie

Rhino the Hamster - Bolt Disney Movie

Check the star power of Rhino the hamster, a character from Disney’s upcoming 3D animated movie Bolt:

Rhino The Hamster in Bolt

Rhino the hamster deserves his own show! I’d love to see a movie or at least a series based on this crazy hamster!

Bolt Disney Posters

Two more posters for the upcoming Disney 3D movie Bolt:

Bolt Movie

Bolt International Poster

Bolt Final Poster

A dog, a hamster and a cat: that’s Disney’s A-Team: the Animal-Team!

Bolt Meet Pigeons Hilarious Clip

Bolt Meets Pigeons

A new hilarious clip of Bolt, upcoming Disney Pixar movie, has shown up:

Bolt Movie

Bolt Meet Pigeons

The more I see of the movie Bolt the more I am impatient. I’m positively surprised by this Disney movie: I mean there is no involvement of Pixar in it but it looks awesome! Even the dialogs are hilariously great!

Disney Bolt Movie Banner

A banner poster has been unveiled for the upcoming animated movie Bolt:

Disney Bolt Movie

Disney Bolt

The movie will blow you away if you see it in Disney Digital 3D. Just to have a first look at the movie i recommend to watch 4 minutes of the opening of Bolt.

Bolt Movie New Clip

Bolt movie Disney 3D

The latest preview clip of Clip, upcoming Disney 3d animated movie, that is shown online makes me want to see the TV show inside the movie! Just look at this new Bolt clip:

Bolt Movie

The Chase

After watching this new Bolt Clip I believe more than ever that Bolt is somehow related to Marley the dog!

Bolt Movie Poster

A new poster of the upcoming animated movie Bolt has been unveiled by Disney:

Bolt Movie

Bolt Movie Poster

Alpha do John Travolta is lending his voice to Bolt the dog and Miley Cyrus, who may have lent her voice to a poodle, is actually lending her voice to a girl Bolt considers his owner.

Bolt Clip

Bolt Movie by Disney

John Travolta is lending his voice to a dog in Bolt, upcoming CGI animated movie by Disney. Watch below an extended clip of Bolt:

Bolt Extended Preview Clip

Naughty pets! Love the scene with the hamster ball propelled from the dog mouth: so funny!

What character do you prefer? Bolt the dog, the hamster of the cat? I don’t have pet yet, but I’d be delighted to have one like those!

Bolt Disney Trailer

Bolt DisneyThe trailer of Bolt has been unveiled in front of Wall-E. And Disney has cleverly released it online too!

Bolt Official Trailer

Already found of this dog you too? or maybe found of the hamster?

Bolt A Few Pictures

Bolt A Movie by DisneyA few pictures from Bolt, ahe upcoming CGI animated movie by Disney, are available at:

Bolt Pictures

That’s a naughty young shepherd! But still, less naughty than the original American Dog

Bolt New Poster

A new Bolt poster has shown up. Bolt is an upcoming CG animated movie by Disney Animation Studios (not Pixar). Aging star John Travolta with young and controversial Miley Cyrus will lend their voices to Bolt the dog and Penny the young girl who owns Bolt.

Here below the latest Bolt poster:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

More at: Bolt Trailer

The trailer of Bolt is said to be shown in front of Disney Pixar movie Wall-E. And the movie itself should be released on the 26th of November 2008, just in time for Thanksgiving 2008.

Bolt First Sneak Preview

Bolt And Penny Bolt is not the superhero he thought he was...

A sneak preview of Bolt has surfaced on the web thanks to fans of Miley Cyrus.And I must admit that Bolt, upcoming CG animated movie by Disney Animation Studio, looks quite good.

Have a look by yourself at this Bolt sneak preview clip:

Bolt Sneak Preview Clip

Now I’m really impatient to see the trailer of Bolt! Hopefully it will be shown in front of Wall-E!

Bolt Disney Prefers The White Shepherd Rather Than The Brown American Dog

Asian women and Black women who want to have a clearer complexion quite often use skin whitening creams. Well Disney used one of those cream too on the American Dog:

American Dog Skin Whitening Treatment Bolt

And as the dog is now white it has been decided to rename him Bolt.

In-depth coverage at: Bolt Was Once American Dog

Brown or White? Disney prefer ‘mainstream’ white dogs…

Bolt is an upcoming CG animated movie from Disney that should be released in November. The trailer of Bolt is expected to be shown in front of Wall-E.

Bolt Trailer Shown In Front Of Wall-E

BoltAccording to the rumor the trailer of Bolt should be
shown in front of the upcoming Wall-E movie.

Bolt In November 2008

Don’t miss Wall-E so many treats with this great movies!

Bolt Teaser Poster

The teaser poster for Bolt, upcoming 3D animated movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios, has been spotted a while ago:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Bolt Teaser PosterBolt Poster

Bolt, a German Shepherd, was starring in a TV show since he was born. When separated from the studio by accident he has cope with the fact that he’s got no real superpower and has to strive for finding home…

Bolt Amazing 3D Background Preview

BoltBolt is an upcoming CG animated movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios that should use some non-photorealistic rendering besides a new technology aiming at giving a hand-painted look to the the 3D backgrounds.

The movie was originally titled American Dog. But there was a artistic shift since. And the movie is now title Bolt and instead of a brown dog, there is a white German Shepherd.

Here below an early preview clip of Bolt / American Dog, which still features the brown dog. I recommend you to focus on the amazing quality of the 3D background of Bolt:

More at: Bolt Trailer

Keep in mind that the dog of Bolt has changed:

(American Dog)
American Dog Bolt

I don’t really mind the change as long as Disney keeps or improves the incredible 3D of the movie Bolt!


Directed by Chris Williams and Byron Howard
Starring John Travolta, Miley Cyrus and Susie Essman
Release Date: November 26, 2008

More Information at: Bolt