Bolt Disney Prefers The White Shepherd Rather Than The Brown American Dog

Asian women and Black women who want to have a clearer complexion quite often use skin whitening creams. Well Disney used one of those cream too on the American Dog:

American DogSkin Whitening TreatmentBolt

And as the dog is now white it has been decided to rename him Bolt.

In-depth coverage at: Bolt Was Once American Dog

Brown or White? Disney prefer ‘mainstream’ white dogs…

Bolt is an upcoming CG animated movie from Disney that should be released in November. The trailer of Bolt is expected to be shown in front of Wall-E.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Actually, white shepherds are NOT mainstream. They are not even accepted as German Shepherds. Although they were traditionally part of the German Shepherd breed, the Nazis banned them when they came in to power and persecuted the original breeder who tried to keep them in the blood line. The AKC continues to discriminate against white shepherds to this day.

    I own a rescued white shepherd mix, who actually looks more like Bolt than a purebred White Shepherd – smaller, with a shorter muzzle and slightly rounded ears. I recommend prospective owners look on for a rescue rather than getting a purebred from a breeder.

  2. Elizabeth

    I suspect Disney chose a white dog because he shows up better on the screen against a busy background. Just look at the picture of the original dog to see what I mean. I certainly find it easier to see my white shepherd when we go on night walks. Though, once the snow comes, he will “disappear” and my brown dog will be the more visible one.

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for the information about the shepherd breed! :)

    Could you post a link to a picture of your dog? Now that you told us about your shepherd I want to see a photo!

    And for tomorrow, happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Elizabeth

    Try this link on Flickr with a few photos.

  5. Teaser Trailer

    That’s a really cute dog!

    Really glad you gave a link: I embedded the pictures of your German shepherd in your comment.

    The shepherd seems to have a really happy life with you. :)

  6. eric

    I am breeding wjite shepherd dog in Spain. The fci’s name is White swiss shepherd dog.

    Have a look at my wonderful dog, multi champion in Europe countries..

    –> Pastor Blanco Suizo



  7. Donna

    Elizabeth is incorrect. The White German Shepherd is indeed a German Shepherd and is still AKC recognized as such. I’ve been breeding this magnificent dog for almost 10 years. There are white GSD clubs that are in existence to preserve the dog as a GSD. The White German Shepherd Dog Club of America (wgsdca) is one such organization. Check out their site for all the facts on the white-coated GSD.

  8. Shannon

    White German Shepherds have been persecuted by ‘regular’ german shepherd owners and breeders for years – and it continues. Quality White Shepherds ARE AKC registered, and may compete in any AKC competition, except conformation. My dogs are obedience Champions. I have owned German shepherds for 30 years – conventional as well as white dogs – all are equally as intelligent, loyal, and hard working dogs. I was glad to see the white Shepherd in the movie – nice to bring attention to a Rare Breed.

  9. Jay

    I purchased a white German Shepherd puppy last month. Its parents are registered with AKC. However, after doing a bit of my own research, I was surprised at how much the white shepherd is discriminated. I read in the AKC website that the color “white” is grounds for disqualification. It’s a shame people are so discriminating. A dog is a dog. Each is unique in its own way. The white German Shepherd is a beautiful dog. I could care less at who does or doesn’t recognize it as such and why!

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