Cars 2 First Look

Thanks to an artwork displayed on Disney’s official site we may have a first look at Cars 2 aka Cars 2 World Grand Prix, the upcoming movie sequel to Disney Pixar’s Cars:

Cars 2 Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

“Lightning McQueen, his pit team and new pit boss Mater head around the world for the ‘Race of Champions’, taking place in five different countries: Tokyo, Germany, Italy, a 24-hour race in France and London. However, Mater, involved in a case of mistaken identity, saves the life of a British secret agent Aston Martin called Finn McMissile, and finds himself embroiled in his spy world.”

Mount Fuji in the background of the picture and Japanese characters on the roadside banner indicate that this scene of Cars 2 takes place in Japan. And the Formula One next to Lightning McQueen kind of look like a Toyota F1 car:

The release date of Cars 2 is set for June 24, 2011.

One Response - “Cars 2 First Look”

  1. maria

    cannot wait til Cars 2 comes out !! feels like we have been waiting forever!!!! so excited, only a lil over 12 months to go “LOL”