Cars 2

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Cars 2 Wasabi

Cars 2 MovieLove this new hilarious preview clip of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2:


Mater doesn’t know what wasabi is… He will be surprised!

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2 New Clips of Cars 2

Cars 2 MovieTwo new clips of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 have popped up online:

Cars 2- Disguises

Cars 2- Getting Mater out of the pits

Who do you prefer: Lightning McQueen, Fin McMissile or Mater?

Cars 2 Yodeling

Cars 2 FilmA German TV spot for Disney Pixar’s Cars 2:

Cars 2 – Yodeling

Have you ever tried to yodel?

Cars 2 New Action-Packed Clip

Cars 2 MovieA new action-packed preview clip of Cars 2:

Cars 2 – Airport escape

Mater and Finn McMissile make a hell of a team!

Cars 2 Film Clip

Cars 2 FilmA new clip of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2:

Cars 2 – Tokyo party
Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) runs into Francesco (John Turturro).

I see a glass next to Francesco… How can a car, even a Formula 1, grab a glass to drink?

Cars 2 preview Clip

Cars 2British racing star Lewis Hamilton chats to American racing legend Jeff Corvette and Lightning McQueen in this brand new clip from Cars 2, the upcoming animated movie by Disney Pixar:

Cars 2 – Party!

Even cars do party!

Cars 2 New Clip

Cars 2 FilmCheckout this new clip of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2, it features Mater and Finn McMissile:

Cars 2 – Mater and Finn McMissile

Finn McMissile got better gadgets than James Bond!

Cars 2 Movie Clip

Cars 2 MovieDisney Pixar is sharing this brand new preview clip of Cars 2:

Cars 2 – In the starting blocks

Will Lightning McQueen manage to both save the world and win the World Grand Prix?

Cars 2 German Posters

Two new German posters of Cars 2, the upcoming movie sequel by Disney Pixar:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Does wearing sunglasses make you look cool?

Cars 2 International Poster

A new Brazilian movie poster of Cars 2:

Cars 2 Trailer

Cars 2 International PosterThe poster features Carla Veloso, a Brazilian feminine car, and the good old mater who’s sporting the colors of the Brazilian national football team.