Crank 3 Movie

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wants Crank 3 in 3D!Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the guys behind the Crank movie series, have been interviewed by Collider and they’ve hinted at a third Crank movie, even stating that they’re thinking about going 3D with Crank 3!

More information at: Crank 3 Movie Trailer

Crank 3 or Crank 3D, whatever the title, I bet Jason Statham will be back as hitman Chev Chelios in this movie sequel to Crank High Voltage: so much fun for him in those movies!

Jason Statham and Amy Smart back for Crank 3
Amy Smart who plays the role of Chev Chelios’ wife should be back too, she talked about Crank 3 to Io9:

Amy Smart - Crank 3 Movie

“I know definitely that they are talking about a third film but I have no idea what the story would be.”

Actress Amy Smart

Any idea how Jason Statham could get cranked again in the movie Crank 3?

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  1. crankmaster191919

    the first crank was brilliant the second was a piece of shit and the end from the second was horrible.
    when crank 3 comes out this would be a piece of shit.

    CRANK 2 (S*CKS)
    CRANK 3 (S*CKS)

  2. fab

    I hate how crank 2 ended, it was kinda fun, but it was missing the key element that crank 1 did not miss. If crank 3 comes out, i hope it’s better than the 2

  3. Mike

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Crank 2 was awesome and ended in a great way. Talk about over the top! But that’s exactly what you had to expect after having seen the original. I, personally, am looking forward to Crank 3(D).

  4. Brian

    Dude the second movie was awesome, and I think Amy Smart is hot, but I don’t know if a third crank is possible since he’s back to normal, except for his face, and there is no bad guys, but if they find a way to make Crank 3, I’ll see it

  5. bobjohn

    crank 3 hell yea i loved crank 1 and 2 i totally want a third Crank movie!

  6. Jim

    Crank 2 was AMAZING! I can only hope to see amy smart bare assed in 3D. It would be great.

  7. Jason Statham's fan

    Hi all, Jason here. We are making a crank 3 entitled, “CRANK:3D”
    The story is based around the doc finally gettin my heart back. He takes out the lithium battery heart an places my original back. The twist to the story is….
    When Chev breaks into the ambulance and don kim is inside he ask the paramedic if they carry litium battery packs for artificial hearts. If you watch closely you will see he has several packs and a heart in the same cupboard but only gives chev a battery. Don kim then dies and chev leaves… the twist is, Don Kim gets an artificial heart inserted in the ambulance after the paramedic see’s it in the cupboard. Hell bent on chev finally taking the hit on him, Don kim seeks out chev and anyone that gets in his way to wreak revenge, he’s wise to his previous moves so don kim thinks wisely and heads for the doc as his first target, without the doc surely chev wont surrive?

    (That’s just a fan trying to impersonate Jason Staham…)

  8. max

    i think crank 2 ended great. it was really better than the 1st. i hope there is a 3rd one! go Jason Statham. YOU ROCK!

  9. William Harris

    F*ck yer, i would love it it for the directors to bring out a crank 3 movie, 1 and 2 were f*ckin awesome. Jason Statham is a great actor and he is perfect for these crank movies, and i would love to see crank 3 and possibly a crank 4.

  10. Kim

    Loved crank 2-. Awesome movie, Jason you really rock.

    Looking forward to a Carnk 3 movie with even an even more crazy script, if that’s even possible. But cheers and Jason, get more lead roles in movies, you are by FAR the best male actor i’ve seen so far. keep them coming.

  11. Ngrk9

    Dudes Crank is da bomb!! the first one it was way too fu*king good and the second one… well it was much more than great, i agree on waiting for the 3rd, i don´t care if it is 3D 4D or 5D i just want the damn movie to come out before 2011. I hope they are planning to do Crank 4 too! See ya !

  12. Will

    it’s nice to know some people have the same mind as me, they want a 4th Crank movie too, i like it lol.

  13. GreekKiller

    A way to get cranked after electricity and andrenaline is the HEAT he could be ON FIRE:p

  14. Brandon

    besides the endning (although cool i cant live without knowing how it completly ends) both crank movies are crazy mindless violence (best type of movie) crank 3 will be more hardcore with better action who cares what keeps him him cranked and who cares what minority he beats on….Jason Statham is badass amy smart and topless crank 3 will kick ass

  15. Damion

    they should go with the casual something happening with his heart like maybe he is infected with some disease that shuts down his nervues system and he only can be kept alive by some suppressent that slows down the diseas and at the end of the movie they find a cure and the first two movies were very good fuck any one that thinks i should go to hell


    @ Jason Statham’s fan (April 24, 2009)

    ===> Biggest bullshit ever :D Don Kim was NOT in the ambulance :D

  17. CrankYankee

    Crank 3: Head transplant. It can’t get any more bizarre than that.

  18. SynXter

    Don kim wasnt in the car you idiot XD
    it was the limo driver. look closely, for one, his intestines are out. don kim got shot to bits by chev in the back of the car before crashing the limo.

  19. Piss-Bladder

    Maybe Crank 3 could be a hair transplant because t’old Jase will be bald soon I imagine.

  20. crank

    crank 1 and crank 2 are the best films ever! well funny Jason Statham is my favorite actor i hope they do make a crank 3 :) crank 2’s start was cool but a little gross lol but still awesome. i really hope they do make crank 3!

  21. Brice

    Crank 1 was awsome, Crank 2 was awsome but a little different, Crank 2-D better have amy smart nude and way more british swearing and guns and i want to see more of chev as a little kid.

  22. yourmum

    I heard about a condition where males got a hard on like… forever. It doesn’t go away no matter what they do and I think it can even be deadly.

    Would be fun to see Chev trying to get rid of it or else… =D

  23. Hannah

    Wow I just watched the second crank without watching the first one and omgosh now i HAVE to see the first one! the movie was AWESOME!!!

  24. Alfredo

    A Crank 3? Are you serious? The first two Crank movies stunk.
    I mean come on. They were stupid to begin with. Where is Statham gonna do Amy Smart at? A Laker game. Please don’t make a Crank 3. That would be stupid.

  25. six

    hell ya. both crank movies were great. yes outrageous, isnt that what movies are supposed to be!? fun to watch!! unbelievable!! crazy!!! true movie lovers will know this, anyone who hated the crank movies must beleive movies have to be realistic, ummm duhhh, movies are supposed to be unrealistic for the most part! thats why people go to the movies, to get out of the real world!!

  26. JimBEAN88

    Any one who said the ending was dumb and did not make sense your a complete idiot and any who said the movies in general were bad your mentally handicapped. Also I think that a good idea for the third movie would be a prequel to the first two movies.

  27. Joe

    Alfredo you obviously dont have good movie taste!!! Crank has got a little bit of everything, romance (where hes falling out the chopper on the phone), comedy, fighting, shooting, mild sex scenes ;) and its so fast paced that you dont wanna go the toilet just incase you miss something.

    Jason statham is my personal favourite actor ever lol. The transporter series was also excellent. Crank 3 will be crazier, more action packed and even more funny. I cant wait

  28. freddyfox

    Heres my thought since im the biggest Crank fan ever. He doesnt need poison or missing body parts to get him Cranked. As long as hes just pressed for time for one reason or another. Maybe someone kidnaps Eve or Doc Miles and hes on a race against time. DOnt forget the cops have been trying to get him for 2 movies now so he could be on a balls to the wall race against time with more cops and more bad guys trying to slow him down. Maybe in a way he gets addicted to getting all Adrenalined out. Add 3D and go all out this time.

  29. Alex Palladino

    Oh come on! Crank 3? I mean, how many crank movies are you gonna make? The first 2 were retarted, so why make a third one?
    I say you should leave the crank movies alone.


    Crank movies were great! I liked the 2nd one best… I agree with Brice… Chev as a kid real funny… also a few naked chicks sprinkled in always enhances this type of movie’s appeal… I think the idea about the prequel is ok but not great cuz u know he’s gna live… and I think the idea about him not requiring some “fix” to survive won’t work cuz a lot of the creativity and action in the movie comes Chev’s periodic need to satisfy the fix.

  31. TG

    In the middle part of Crank 2 two there is a nonsense part, when the two guys will become giants. I don’t understand that part. Why was that necessary? A simple fight would be better than that. The directors are getting more far away from reality. However there are original scenes, but I hope the third film won’t be so unreal.

  32. Timbo

    TG it was a homage to Godzilla. This film will be most rewarding to those (many) people who love cinema and can enjoy a post modern, post MTV mish-mash of generic action and OTT dialogue and scenes.

    The whole film is cartoon, inspired by pop/gaming/celluloid/trash culture. If your complaint is that scene broke your immersion in the film’s relaity I think you missed the point…!

    Note the computerised heart beating…it’s not real, it’s saying this, like so many Arnie films, is a filmic version of some idiot shoot-em-up computer game, an action fantasy. Your complaint regarding ‘reality’ ina film like thsi is like compaining that there wasn’t enough sex in Toy Story.

    If the Godzilla scene annoyed your what about the F U Chelios montage? Or the head in the tank…or the [insert rest of movie].

  33. Damian

    Make a Crank 3 please! Best movies ever made!

  34. Russian

    make a Crank 3.This is the best films what i saw.Jason statham cool man!!!

  35. taylor

    who said he was going to do another crank movie

  36. Dan

    The crank movies are literally like watching a real time version of grand theft auto IV
    Whenever i watch it i feel like I’m looking a niko bellic f***inn up fools except its Chev Chelios ;)

  37. lordwin

    Crank is one of those over the top movies that’s fun because it is over the top.
    I liked crank 1 and loved number 2.
    I’m gonna keep on loving you, cause its the only thing I wanna dooooo
    then he screams in ya face.
    but that’s just me