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Crank 3 Movie

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wants Crank 3 in 3D!Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the guys behind the Crank movie series, have been interviewed by Collider and they’ve hinted at a third Crank movie, even stating that they’re thinking about going 3D with Crank 3!

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Crank 3 or Crank 3D, whatever the title, I bet Jason Statham will be back as hitman Chev Chelios in this movie sequel to Crank High Voltage: so much fun for him in those movies!

Jason Statham and Amy Smart back for Crank 3
Amy Smart who plays the role of Chev Chelios’ wife should be back too, she talked about Crank 3 to Io9:

Amy Smart - Crank 3 Movie

“I know definitely that they are talking about a third film but I have no idea what the story would be.”

Actress Amy Smart

Any idea how Jason Statham could get cranked again in the movie Crank 3?

Crank 3

Crank III Movie - Crank 3 3DCrank 3
aka Crank 3D
Directed by Marks Neveldine, Bryan taylor
Starring Jason Statham, Amy Smart
Release Date: TBA 2011

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