DB Evolution Movie

Two new posters for the movie DB Evolution:

Joon Park as Yamcha - DB Evolution movieDB Movie Poster

Yamcha, played by Joon Park, looks like the character from the Dragonball movie the most faithful to the original manga.

Bu Yamcha won’t compensate for the ugly thing I heard about this DB movie: Master Roshi’s personality has been tamed down… I don’t want Master Roshi to be politically correct: I want him to be a lustful old man hunting pretty young women! For God’s sake this was a major characteristic of Roshi! Fox transformed Roshi into karate Kid’s master… And they’re already thinking about Dragonball 2… Please at least give us a real Roshi in this damn DB Evolution movie!

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  1. mc

    Tamed down as in he will not be f**gering girls and constantly having a h*rd-*n. It’s already been confirmed he’s really funny in this movie and that he’ll be hitting on Bulma, so… not a big deal.

  2. caps369

    oh please stop your old man talk as i said a while back… If you see this movie and leave with you mouth open you can take that grumpy old grand hat and eat it… Caps out

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Caps and MC,

    I’d be interested to know what makes you think this DB movie will be any good? Apart from Yamcha who is all fine for me so far, I’m really struggling to get exited about the film.

    Really, please make your point here, try to justify your side for once instead of the usual “let’s give them a chance”.

  4. Teaser Trailer

    MC or Caps,

    You could even write a full post about your love for the upcoming DB evolution movie. I would put it in Teaser-Trailer.com with a link to your personal site if you wish.


  5. mc

    I honestly don’t want to write a whole post on it, but, besides the fact that the story has been altered (which is normal, and should be expected, especially with something like Dragonball), and that the looks of the charcters have been changed, which for the most part I’m okay with, except fot Master Roshi’s look and Yamcha’s blonde hair, I can’t see how you could argue that this movie will be bad based on what you’ve seen. If that is your only reasons, then say it; you always seem to just bash this movie without any good reasons; I would be perfectly fine with your distaste for the movie if you gave reasons.
    The reason I like it, so far, is because, for one, it’s based off of my favorite show of all time, the adaption of the story I like (after going through it in my head, while it will be different, it will make for a more coherent storyline, and a smooth transition to the next movie, and is also very interesting since it’s a new story), except for the highschool thing, the feel/vibe seems to be there, for me at least (there’s a lot of colors, story-telling, ki-blasts, fighting, adventure, good vs. evil, and even though the story’s different, the basic outline is still clearly there), etc. The main thing I DON’T like is the run time (LOL); too damn short! If you want me to say more, just tell me.

    Oh, and sorry about the sexual remarks about Roshi before, I didn’t know you wanted that stuff censored. Oh well, waiting for your response!


  6. Teaser Trailer

    Hey there,

    I was in Japan last week and I did go watch Dragonball which is released earlier over there. Well, believe me: DB Evolution is not Dragonball…

    I think Evolution stands for Power Rangers… Well that’s how it feels. Sure Power Rangers is somewhat entertaining, I even chuckled a bit when Chichi and Goku were flirting together but the whole thing looks so artificial… Obviously done by people who don’t care about the manga!

    And the pace of the movie: they cut too much! They can fit the movie into 86 minutes only by rushing the plot to its end.

    If it was a TV show it would be as fine as Smallville (nope, better) but for a theatrical release this Dragonball movie is just a let down.

    Well you shall see by yourself soon (if you can watch it for free, don’t pay for the theater ticket…).

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