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DB Evolution Movie Preview Clips

DB Evolution MovieThe released of DB Evolution movie has been postponed by two days, so it will be released on April 10, 2009.

Here two new DB movie clips:

Damn it!
Goku gives a hand to Chichi.

This wish is maybe the only thing that can save the world.

Not really a good Kamehameha for the buck…

DB Movie Clip

DB MOVIE - Live Action MovieSome more preview clips of the upcoming DB Evolution movie have been spotted online:

Goku VS Gohan

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Dragonball Evolution TV Spot

Dragonball is the worst movie adaptation ever!Not sure I should show this A UK TV spot of Dragonball: I’ve seen the movie and it’s such a let down… One may think that the movie will be good from watching this well cut TV spot of DB Evolution, but the truth is: Dragonball Evolution just s**ks!

Anyway, this spot is still worth a look:

Dragonball TV Spot


Nothing much in DB Evolution, here a summary (spoiler!):

Training – Goku and Chichi flirting – Gran Pa is killed – Goku Meets Bulma and Roshi then Yamcha – Goku and Chichi flirting – Piccolo is defeated by Goku in just a very short scene…

A crappy movie that feels low-cost (how can it feel low cost with so much CGI by the way? how is such a feat possible?), with a really superficial plot that’s far far away from the original manga…

Believe me: keep your bucks for an other movie, wait for this one to air on cable if you’re still curious about it. What a let down!

Dragonball Evolution Preview Clip

Dragonball EvolutionI may have compared the upcoming DB Evolution movie to Smallville, even talking about a “smallvillesque” that would have cursed the movie from the start… Well that was not fair for Smallville: I should compare this Dragonball movie to the Power Rangers too!

Just check those disappointing preview clips of Dragonball the movie:

Dragonball Preview

Goku VS Gohan

Gohan VS Mai and Piccolo

Goku meets Bulma

Goku (Justin Chatwin) is battling with Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) and his energy flow inadvertently target Bulma (Emmy Rossum)

Piccolo and Mai search the Dragonballs

Goku, Roshi and Bulma trapped because of Yamcha

Chichi (Jamie Chung) is in a fight against Mai (Eriko Tamura) who morphed into Chichi’s look-alike.

Let’s try to be positive though: I’m definitely a fan of Eriko Tamura who plays teh role of Mai ( who is a chief enforcer of Piccolo’s and a shapeshifter) from now on! Can’t believe I didn’t notice that she is so gorgeous till now!

Here a promotional picture featuring Mai and Piccolo (who went green at long last):
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

I’m fan of Eriko Tamura but even her can’t save this soulless adaptation of the manga Dragonball! So it’s a relief that the movie won’t be much longer than 80 minutes.

DB Evolution Movie

Two new posters for the movie DB Evolution:

Joon Park as Yamcha - DB Evolution movie DB Movie Poster

Yamcha, played by Joon Park, looks like the character from the Dragonball movie the most faithful to the original manga.

Bu Yamcha won’t compensate for the ugly thing I heard about this DB movie: Master Roshi’s personality has been tamed down… I don’t want Master Roshi to be politically correct: I want him to be a lustful old man hunting pretty young women! For God’s sake this was a major characteristic of Roshi! Fox transformed Roshi into karate Kid’s master… And they’re already thinking about Dragonball 2… Please at least give us a real Roshi in this damn DB Evolution movie!

DB Movie

Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) was missing on earlier version of the group poster of the upcoming DB movie. Well, thanks to photoshop, that’s been fixed on an international Dragonball movie poster:

(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)
DB Movie

You may compare with this earlier Dragonball Evolution poster:

(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)
Dragonball Evolution Movie

Do you think that Roshi from the movie will be a funny pervert as in the original manga? Such a detail could save this DB movie from Smallvillesque lameness!

James Wong Dragonball

Dragonball Evolution directed by James Wong20th Century Fox’s has finally released online the full new trailer Dragonball Evolution, the upcoming movie adaptation of the famous manga created by Akira Toriyama:

The music isn’t too bad. I find hard to get enthusiast about this adaptation though: I don’t recognize the spirit of the manga in this, it kinda looks like some cheap colorful fireworks… I won’t boycott the movie at the end, but I’m sad when I think how much better this adaptation could have been if it was more faithful to the original material…

Dragonball Evolution is written and directed by James Wong and is starring Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, Eriko Tamura, Joon Park and Chow Yun-Fat. It will be released in April 2008.

Dragonball Evolution Clip

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION with Justin ChatwinFox isn’t that deaf after all. The latest Dragonball TV spot that premiered in Japan shows they’ve been working hard to save their investment from an epic fail: some of the details that fans pointed out in the past have been fixed. Example: Piccolo is definitely green by now.

Watch below the latest Dragonball TV spot:

Dragonball Clip

This new clip looks much better than what we’ve been served before. But there is still a feel of cheapness and a smallvillesque impression that hinder me from accepting this film as the movie adaptation of Dragonball….

I don’t deny it will be entertaining, but it won’t be much more… A real Dragonball movie would have blown us alll away! But I bet a reboot will be done in the next five or ten years. Hope keeps alive, doesn’t it?

Dragonball Evolution Pics

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION MOVIEInstead of trying to steal the work of others like they’re trying with the movie Watchmen 20th Century Fox should better try to fix Dragonball Evolution… Here below some more cheesy pictures from this upcoming cheesy live-action movie adaptation of the famous manga:

Dragonball Evolution Movie

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Yeap that’s Goku (Justin Chatwin) at school! Let’s try to be positive: at least the girls look good, don’t they?

Movie Posters of Dragonball Evolution

We get a batch of posters of Dragonball Evolution thanks to IGN :

Dragonball Evolution

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)Dragonball Evolution Movie

Goku - Dragonball Evolution Bulma - Dragonball Evolution Roshi Dragonball - Evolution

I’m really enthusiast for this movie. One thing could help to watch it though: Master Roshy (Chow Yun-Fat) being as naughty in the movie as he is in the manga! But that’s probably not the case…

Let’s look how great Master Roshi was in the animated Dragonball series: Continue reading »

Dragonball Evolution Movie Japanese Trailer Leaked

Dragonball Evolution FilmWatch below the bootleg Japanese movie trailer of Dragonball Evolution that just leaked online:

Dragonball Evolution Movie Trailer


Too bad that changing the name of the movie does not make it any better… Can brings your toddlers watch the movie: it’s flashy and colorful… But nothing much to expect from the movie. And their last reshoots won’t save it at all… I mean that’s not Dragonball, it’s not faithful at all to the original manga.

I suggest a soap brand to sponsor the movie, they have nothing to lose from it now.

How sad… Let’s hope that a new Christoper Nolan will reboot Dragonball in the next few years…

Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution Movie

Fox has been facing the uproar of disappointed Dragonball fans regarding its upcoming movie adaptation of the famous manga. Reshoot are under works, and now it may also have been decided to change the title of the movie. Initially simply titled the movie is said to be retitled Dragonball Evolution according to Coming Soon.

Dragonball Movie

Such a move would not be pointless: hardcore Dragonball may forgive the liberal and unholy take on the manga if it is marketed as a reimagining and not as a real adaptation of Dragonball like previously done.

Goku Dragonball Poster

The movie Dragonball was promoted at the last Licensing Asia 2008 in Tokyo. Here below the promo poster that was seen:

Dragonball Movie

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Goku Dragonball Movie

The role of Goku is played by Justin Chatwin. But don’t expect the Goku from the manga: Justin Chatwin’s Goku is more likely to be a tamed version. If I was bold enough I’d even say smallvillesque… A stark example of this movie being a let down is Goku being described as a young teenager going to high school, yeap that’s the Smallville effect in action!

Clip Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Goku Live Action Character

A new Dragonball clip has shown up in Japan. A really short footage from the Dragonball movie:

Dragonball Preview Clip

It’s a good thing that this clip of Dragonball the movie is so short and that it’s a relatively neutral footage: if it was longer it would have fueled further the controversy about this movie adaptation of the famous manga…

The buzz around this Dragonball movie is mostly negative by now. So negative that Fox has decided to make reshoots. A better idea than doing reshoots though would be to change the movie title and to take out any reference to the manga in order to avoid Dragonball fans disdain. Then it would become an entertaining fantasy kung fu movie by James Wong.

Dragonball Movie Bulma Poster

A character poster for Dragonball the movie featuring Emmy Rossum as Bulma:

Dragonball Movie

Bulma poster - Dragonball movie

I think the choice of Emmy Rossum to interpret the role of Bulma was a good choice. Her cute little nose looks like Bulma’s from the manga.

Dragonball Trailer Better Quality

Dragonball Goku played by Justin Chatwin

A new version of the Dragonball trailer with a better quality has shown up through the site DB The Movie.

Here it is:

Dragonball Official Trailer

Even a trailer with hi-res video quality and hi-def sound does seem to save this Dragonball movie from lameness… I understand it is difficult to recreate the universe of Dragonball in a live action movie.

But here, they just worked the Smallville way: take a mythic hero and drag his name in the mud by doing a lame adaptation… So sad for Dragonball…

Dragonball Trailer Bootleg

Dragonball Movie - A Crystal Dragonball

A bootleg version of the Dragonball trailer that should be shown in front of Max Payne in october has leaked online. A fellow fan has indeed recorded the Dragonball trailer currently shown at Brand Licensing Europe 2008.

Here below the bootleg trailer of Dragonball the movie:

Dragonball trailer Leaked


1srt ever
live action movie
coming spring 2009
only in theaters
world wide

Judging from this Dragonball trailer I can already say that the movie will not have the support of all the fans of Dragonball: it does not feel like the manga. This Dragonball movie will probably be entertaining, but cannot be really be compared to the original manga…

Dragonball Movie Piccolo Revealed

A batch of stills from the trailer of Dragonball have appeared on the web. Among them, two pictures of Piccolo (interpreted by James Marster):
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Lord Piccolo

Piccolo in Dragonball the movie

More pictures at: Dragonball Movie Piccolo

They didn’t respect the original manga: Piccolo should be green, not sure the fandom is gonna appreciate this licence…

Dragonball Trailer In Front of Max Payne

Dragonball MovieA Dragonball movie based on the famous manga created by Akira Toriyama should be released in April 2009. But so far the Dragonball fan base has been wary that Fox would not respect the spirit of this great manga. Fox is well aware of this negative buzz and tries to keep the lid on. Hardly any real information is getting out.

But according to Coming Soon (here) we may finally have an overview of what to expect thanks to the Dragonball trailer that is expected to be shown in front of the movie Max Payne in mid October.

The trailer of Dragonball will probably be available at Dragonball Trailer at this time.

I really hope that 20th Century Fox and Director James Wong will surprise us with an amazing adaptation of Dragonball. But I am still perplex about Justin Chatwin having the role of Goku…

Dragonball Movie Poster

A really nice poster of Dragonball the movie has popped up on an official Chinese site dedicated to the manga franchise:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Dragonball Movie PosterMuch More at Dragonball Film

This latest Dragonball poster showing Justin Chatwin as Goku is much closer to the original spirit of Dragon Ball the manga. It looks great! I have hope for this movie from now on!

Dragonball Movie New Poster

A new Dragonball movie poster has been spotted at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam, Holland:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Dragonball Movie Poster from Cinema ExpoDRAGONBALL
The legend comes to life.

Dragonball Movie

That’s the best poster of Dragonball the movie so far. But watching at this poster I am afraid they transform Dragonball into some tame Small-Ville-like flick…

Let’s hope I’m wrong and that the movie Dragonball will keep the best of the manga Dragon Ball.

Dragonball Movie Goku Poster

A new character poster of the movie Dragonball featuring Goku has surfaced on the web, it comes from the International Licensing Expo in New York:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Goku - Dragonball

Much more at: Dragonball Movie

Justin Chatwin looks on the verge of transforming into some giant monkey:but hey! Where is his tail? I don’t see it!!! But he older than in the first episodes of the original manga:

Goku's got a tail!Indeed his tail was cut later in the story.

Dragonball Leaked Screenplay

King Pilaf in the manga Dragon BallThe screenplay of Dragonball, upcoming movie adaptation of the famous manga Dragon Ball, may well have leaked online. Check the document at:

Dragonball Leaked Script

According to this early version of the screenplay of Dragonball, the King Pilaf would appear in the movie!

Dragonball Pictures Of The Cast vs Characters Of The Manga

Dragonball is an upcoming theatrical feature movie based on the famous Japanese manga. Let’s check if the members of the cast and the original characters of the manga look alike:

Dragonball The Movie

Im’ quite sad that Bulma(Emmy Rossum) does not have blue hair in the movie Dragonball, but for the others members of the cast it’s ok so far. Well, Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) could have looked a little bit older too…

But because the face of Piccolo (James Marsters) is still hidden fans can’t have sleep in peace yet…

Fortunately Justin Chatwin as Goku is much better than first thought!

Dragonball New Pictures

Goku and Bulma In Dragonball the movieNew pictures of Dragonball have popped up on the web (via DBthemovie):
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Chi Chi Justin Chatwin is Goku! Goku from Dragonball
Goku should get laid by Bulma, not Chi Chi ;-p Sexy Bulma and ugly slitty Yamcha Master Roshi

Get a better overview at: Dragonball Pictures

I like the colorful pyjamas of Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat): will order the same for me!

Dragonball Movie Goku and Bulma

Some Japanese magazines (Shonen Jump and Young Jump) have recently made their covers with Goku from the upcoming Dragonball movie which is based on the famous manga Dragon Ball.
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Dragonball - Shonen Jump Cover Dragonball the movie - Shonen Jump Excerpt

Below some details:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Goku (justin Chatwin) - Dragonball Goku (Justin Chatwin) and Bulma (Emmy Rossum)Goku (Justin Chatwin) and Bulma (Emmy Rossum)


Much more at: Dragonball Trailer

According to the Japanese publications, Goku (Justin Chatwin) has a glowing Dragon ball in his hands, not a ball of energy.

Looks like the magazines had a first look of a new Dragonball poster: the details of Goku and Bulma macth together and are probably taken from a bigger picture. So we may expect a new Dragonball poster quite soon.

Dragonball Teaser poster

The teaser poster of Dragonball has kind of leaked on the web, but well even Wikipedia is showing it. ;-p

So have a look to the Dragon Ball with its four stars:
(Click on th poster to enlatger it.)

Much more on: Dragonball Trailer

The glowing Dragon ball once regrouped give birth to a magic dragon in the original manga:

I wonder if the Dragon will appear in the movie too…

Dragonball First Pictures

The first pictures of Dragonball, the movie adaptation by James Wong of the famous manga Dragon Ball, have been unveiled.

Check them at:

Dragonball Pictures

Goku (Justin Chatwin) looks good, but can’t say as much for the rest…


Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Directed by James Wong
Starring Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, Chow Yun-Fat, Joon Park, Eriko Tamura
Release Date: April 6, 2009

More Information at: Dragonball