DBZ Movie

Dragonball Z Movie - DBZ MovieThe movie DB Evolution was like crap and was a relative theatrical failure. But the word is that Fox is still thinking about making a movie sequel to Dragonball Evolution. I suppose that this Dragonball 2 movie, if it ever happens, would be the adaptation of Dragonball Z, the second chapter of Goku’s life.

Message to Fox people: if you really want to do a DBZ movie, try to do it right this time. Maybe you should hire the people from Funglisoft to help you (believe me, you really need help, because so far we all know that Fox barely understands what Dragonball is about…)

Why Funglisoft? Well because they definitely know the world of Dragonball and have even produced a great short film based on it. Here a clip featuring a fight between Gohan (Goku’s son) and the cyborg siblings:

DBZ The Movie

They had a really small budget to do this, but they got it all right! So how come Fox, with so much money, just produced a Power Rangers flick (understand DB Evolution)?

Anyway, you can still erase the stain from Goku’s outfit if you were to hire the right people!


4 Responses - “DBZ Movie”

  1. CesarSnake


    this clip is better than DBE, well maybe not

    but this guys maybe have aruond 200 dlls for made this movie and is more Dragonball

    than the dammit crap movie of 20thFox WITH 100 000 000 DLLS !!!

    fucking power ranger fox version dragonball evolution ;(

    congra to funglisoft cool clip =)


    I can’t believe that people after this huge scorch in the eye some fans still want a sequel???

    PEOPLE! PLEASE! don’t you realize that that greed for MORE MORE MORE and MORE even though you already had a perfection(don’t fix whats not broken!!!) MADE this blasphemy in the first place!?

    Don’t you people realize that!? don’t you LEARN???

    I’ll have to repeat it again:
    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it!”
    -Georges Santayana

    Please all fans join us in stopping this AWFUL PILE OF EXPLOITATION and BLASPHEMY from ever getting a sequel!

  3. thegoodfight

    I actually would like to see a sequel; but I would hope that they would do a much better job than the first one. I found Evolution entertaining, but Dragonball as a movie has so much more potential. The special effects could be amazing, and there could be much better humor. I’m hoping FOX will get some help and put a little more effort into a sequel.

    The fighting in this clip was much closer to Dragonball anime version. Of course, don’t forget that in Evolution Goku is not the same as in Dragonball Z. Still, Piccolo could have been more realistic than some dude in a costume. Some type of green monster like in the “Hulk’ would have been better.

  4. juan

    I actually like this clip better than the movie, the fighting is better the dbe. learn from this guys FOX.