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DBZ Movie

Dragonball Z Movie - DBZ MovieThe movie DB Evolution was like crap and was a relative theatrical failure. But the word is that Fox is still thinking about making a movie sequel to Dragonball Evolution. I suppose that this Dragonball 2 movie, if it ever happens, would be the adaptation of Dragonball Z, the second chapter of Goku’s life.

Message to Fox people: if you really want to do a DBZ movie, try to do it right this time. Maybe you should hire the people from Funglisoft to help you (believe me, you really need help, because so far we all know that Fox barely understands what Dragonball is about…)

Why Funglisoft? Well because they definitely know the world of Dragonball and have even produced a great short film based on it. Here a clip featuring a fight between Gohan (Goku’s son) and the cyborg siblings:

DBZ The Movie

They had a really small budget to do this, but they got it all right! So how come Fox, with so much money, just produced a Power Rangers flick (understand DB Evolution)?

Anyway, you can still erase the stain from Goku’s outfit if you were to hire the right people!