Despicable Me Preview Clips

Despicable Me MovieA new series of preview clips of Despicable Me has shown up online:

Despicable Me – Betime
Gru tries to get the girls to go to bed

Despicable Me – Dr Nefario
Dr. Nefario shows Gru two new inventions

More clips of Despicable Me below:

Despicable Me – Kung fu
Gru talks to his mother while she is in kung-fu class

Despicable Me – Next plan
Gru tells the minions about his next plan

Despicable Me – Pajamas
The girls ask Vector about his pajamas

Despicable Me – Shrink ray
Gru and two minions steal Vector´s shrink ray

Despicable Me – Stuffed Crust

Despicable Me – Vector
Vector uses the shrink ray on Gru

The movie Despicable Me doesn’t look bad, but I don’t think it’s going to be a hit… Will you go watch this film?

2 Responses - “Despicable Me Preview Clips”

  1. Stella

    This movie looks so cute! I definitely wanna see it.

  2. OSCAR

    this movie is awesome ! i have it (: & it makes me laugh each time :D

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