Dominic Sena Whiteout Movie Poster

Director Dominic Sena has been working on Whiteout a thriller movie set in Antartica with Kate Beckinsale in the lead role of a U.S. marshal investigating a mysterious murder on the frozen continent.

Whiteout Poster

A new international poster of Whiteout has been unveiled :

Whiteout Movie International Poster
Kate Beckinsale


See your last breath

The former Whiteout movie poster that was released during the last comic con was closer to the spirit of the original comic book the movie is based on:

Whiteout Movie - Kate Beckinsale

The movie Whiteout is indeed the adaptation of a comic book of the same name created by writer Greg Rucka and artist Steve Lieber. And here the cover of the original Whiteout comic book:

Whiteout Comic Book


5 Responses - “Dominic Sena Whiteout Movie Poster”

  1. jody videll curvey

    so far so good; i hope whiteout is cool. with kate beckinsale and all (underworld 1 & 2, van helsing). but a couple of posters and two photos cant convince me that this movie will be badass. i need more information, photos, and videos of this movie. you know, i need to know more about what im getting into.

  2. jody videll curvey

    Will whiteout be a trilogy? I never heard of the comic book; shame on me though. Kate Beckinsale is doing a lot of movies lately. I hope her and Len Wisemen (director of Underworld 1 & 2) stay together forever. Will the entire movie be set in Antartica? it looks cold as hell and i know the cast were freezing the asses off, lol.

  3. jody videll curvey

    Today is my birthday, I’m 26.

  4. jody videll curvey

    Kate Beckinsale rocks! I tell you fucking rocks!

    I hope the Whiteout is cool. good luck to the filmmakers. I gotta go, bye!


  5. lutherfox

    Sadly they seem to have deviated by replacing Britsh agent Sharpe with a U.N. operative.

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