Dragonball Evolution Clip

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION with Justin ChatwinFox isn’t that deaf after all. The latest Dragonball TV spot that premiered in Japan shows they’ve been working hard to save their investment from an epic fail: some of the details that fans pointed out in the past have been fixed. Example: Piccolo is definitely green by now.

Watch below the latest Dragonball TV spot:

Dragonball Clip

This new clip looks much better than what we’ve been served before. But there is still a feel of cheapness and a smallvillesque impression that hinder me from accepting this film as the movie adaptation of Dragonball….

I don’t deny it will be entertaining, but it won’t be much more… A real Dragonball movie would have blown us alll away! But I bet a reboot will be done in the next five or ten years. Hope keeps alive, doesn’t it?

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