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Dragonball EvolutionI may have compared the upcoming DB Evolution movie to Smallville, even talking about a “smallvillesque” that would have cursed the movie from the start… Well that was not fair for Smallville: I should compare this Dragonball movie to the Power Rangers too!

Just check those disappointing preview clips of Dragonball the movie:

Dragonball Preview

Goku VS Gohan

Gohan VS Mai and Piccolo

Goku meets Bulma

Goku (Justin Chatwin) is battling with Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) and his energy flow inadvertently target Bulma (Emmy Rossum)

Piccolo and Mai search the Dragonballs

Goku, Roshi and Bulma trapped because of Yamcha

Chichi (Jamie Chung) is in a fight against Mai (Eriko Tamura) who morphed into Chichi’s look-alike.

Let’s try to be positive though: I’m definitely a fan of Eriko Tamura who plays teh role of Mai ( who is a chief enforcer of Piccolo’s and a shapeshifter) from now on! Can’t believe I didn’t notice that she is so gorgeous till now!

Here a promotional picture featuring Mai and Piccolo (who went green at long last):
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

I’m fan of Eriko Tamura but even her can’t save this soulless adaptation of the manga Dragonball! So it’s a relief that the movie won’t be much longer than 80 minutes.

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  1. F**k new moon

    This movie will rock: can’t wait!

    f**k you hater!

  2. Sergio

    yea this is going to be bad
    i got a better name for it :
    since it looks like people from the old power rangers movie made it
    why not give it the name ‘Dragon Ranger Turbo’?


  3. DBZ fan

    this movie is going to be fuken gay as hell i am so disapointed if your going to make a real live movie of a legandary anime u cant fuk up and they did big time bad char. choice big time. and worst of all bad coragraphed fights. i was really wishing that stephen chow (shaolin soccer, kung-fu husal, CJ7, ect) was going to produce & direct it or hav somthing to do with the movie. his style movies is the kind of fuken movie style to use for something as cool as DBZ. fuk u to who ever made this blasphamy of a movie lol ;(

  4. Long time DBZ fan

    This doesn’t look to bad, but what they could have really done was maybe find someone else to play Goku, I mean seriously this guy doesn’t seem right for the part. Anyways that’s all I’m going to say I will make a complete post on what I think once I have seen the movie, and hey maybe this guy is right for the role of Goku we shall see.

  5. syntheticpsyko

    this looks so budget i am extremely disappointed they now have ruined any popularity that dbz would of gained

  6. Red Rang

    man I’m so sick of these pointless haters, you haven’t even seen the movie yet dude, judging it by two clips makes you look like an idiot. I think it’s awesome that someone has finally taken a crack at it, It won’t ruin the anamie series at all, in fact i think channels like cartoon network are going to play tons of episodes once the release date draws nearer. Everyone just needs to give it a chance, if you’re a true DBZ fan you will go watch it at the cinema and then truly judge it. I’m 100% certain that half the people who are hating are going to walk out of the cinema pleased.

    also take into account that it’s a movie based on a cartoon series, there’s only so much you can do so stop comparing it to the series so much you turds

  7. james

    Man I am a die hard fan of dbz and I’m gonna see the movie but by the look of it, it’s gonna be shitty… I mean if you look at the previews the plot is way the f**k off. But I’m not hating it yet. I simply want a remake of this DB movie!

  8. rob

    I’m a fanatic about DBZ and I can say from the previews this movie is really low budget and all f**kd up. But I will admit that, I’m happy that someone took the chance to create a real live movie of DBZ just maybe after this movie flops (which it probably will), someone else may recreate the movie in a better version and stay true to the story line. But hey, these are only my thoughts I haven’t seen the movie yet and it may turn out ok. If so, congrats on a job well done, but if not f**k Fox for making my favorite anime series look like shit.

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