Dragonball Evolution TV Spot

Dragonball is the worst movie adaptation ever!Not sure I should show this A UK TV spot of Dragonball: I’ve seen the movie and it’s such a let down… One may think that the movie will be good from watching this well cut TV spot of DB Evolution, but the truth is: Dragonball Evolution just s**ks!

Anyway, this spot is still worth a look:

Dragonball TV Spot


Nothing much in DB Evolution, here a summary (spoiler!):

Training – Goku and Chichi flirting – Gran Pa is killed – Goku Meets Bulma and Roshi then Yamcha – Goku and Chichi flirting – Piccolo is defeated by Goku in just a very short scene…

A crappy movie that feels low-cost (how can it feel low cost with so much CGI by the way? how is such a feat possible?), with a really superficial plot that’s far far away from the original manga…

Believe me: keep your bucks for an other movie, wait for this one to air on cable if you’re still curious about it. What a let down!

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