Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution Movie

Fox has been facing the uproar of disappointed Dragonball fans regarding its upcoming movie adaptation of the famous manga. Reshoot are under works, and now it may also have been decided to change the title of the movie. Initially simply titled the movie is said to be retitled Dragonball Evolution according to Coming Soon.

Dragonball Movie

Such a move would not be pointless: hardcore Dragonball may forgive the liberal and unholy take on the manga if it is marketed as a reimagining and not as a real adaptation of Dragonball like previously done.

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  1. Teaser Trailer

    Do you prefer Fox to simply call it Dragonball? Even if it is clearly a let down compared to the source material?

    I’d rather see them adding the word Evolution, just to make clear that it’s (very, sadly very) different from the original manga.

  2. William

    I’ve watched the show from episode 1 of Dragonball to the last episode of Dragonball GT. This being the first time I’ve seen any official trailer, I’m completely shocked.

    Why would someone want to change something great to “put a twist” or “a new approach” to something like this. Story lines have nothing in common to the series. I’m all for new views to things, but there is NOTHING that relates back to what made Dragonball great.

    Thank you Fox Entertainment for ruining another great part of society’s art, to turn it into another piece of crap.

  3. Zaco

    I Personaly LOVE Dragonball, DBZ, AND DBGT… whether if it was a boring pointless episode or not, DB is GREAT! So If they f**k this up, it’s STILL WHAT WE LOVE!
    But i think that they can’t f**k it up, because Fox Entertainment has money, and all it takes is money to make this film RIGHT! lot of CGI anb crazzy FX and it will be just another piece of the Dragonball cake.
    I WILL watch this movie, I just pray they spent time and money lol

  4. T-Boy

    To have a skewed viewpoint or devotion is to be a fanatic. This movie has torn in twain a fanatical group that has been out on the entertainment fringe for years.

    Not since the 12 tribes of Israel were torn 10 to 2 on the deep questions of theology, has a group been so hot at one another, and like two titans from the show they admire, their fighting up to the very last minute.

    Some would argue it comes down to the finer things, like tone and true feel, while others hopelessly argue that the story doesn’t come close to being original, despite numerous sightings found in both the original Manga and the Anime; Documented in scandalous places like YOU TUBE, which can’t keep copyright infringing videos off its site.

    Whether your a lover or a hater though matters little to Fox because as one studio employee commented; “We are very happy with the amount of notice and activity it, [Dragonball Evolution,] is generating.” Whether this translates into dollars and sense at the box office is anybodies guess and as for not wanting to be out here without an opinion. My theory is that Fox started this fight, with a well leaked trailer as a stunt, trying its hand at new marketing research and advertising. One only has to site the many changes since the notorious teaser release as evidence, although I expect I’ll end up starting a Goku size fight over that…

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