Dragonball Movie Poster

A really nice poster of Dragonball the movie has popped up on an official Chinese site dedicated to the manga franchise:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Dragonball Movie PosterMuch More at Dragonball Film

This latest Dragonball poster showing Justin Chatwin as Goku is much closer to the original spirit of Dragon Ball the manga. It looks great! I have hope for this movie from now on!

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  1. Anonymous


  2. awful

    Ack! Of course the studio is going to produce a poster that makes you want to see the film, but don’t judge a book on it’s cover! Have you seen the studio stills? They don’t resemble the manga or tv series and they hardly look like a movie! And forgive me, but do they even have costumes?!

    Plus, what is with this casting? I really thought more Asians would be playing roles in an anime-based film…

    How I loath Fox Studios for this abomination soon to be born!

  3. G

    it looks soo bad….

    Goku a high school student? with one of those “oh im such a wuss being bullied all the time till i get bit by a radiactive spider” type storyline?

    cringe cringe cringe cringe!!!!

  4. epinslash

    i waiting u goku….so much i really love dragon ball movie

  5. Kia Valentine

    My brothers and I have been waiting for this since it was leaked out years ago that the movie was being made. My brothers want to see it for the fighting, and to see how they pull off the attacks. I just want to see how well they adapt it, and James Marsters! Love him. I’m wondering if the autograph I have of his would be worth anything now…….