Dragonball Trailer Better Quality

Dragonball Goku played by Justin Chatwin

A new version of the Dragonball trailer with a better quality has shown up through the site DB The Movie.

Here it is:

Dragonball Official Trailer

Even a trailer with hi-res video quality and hi-def sound does seem to save this Dragonball movie from lameness… I understand it is difficult to recreate the universe of Dragonball in a live action movie.

But here, they just worked the Smallville way: take a mythic hero and drag his name in the mud by doing a lame adaptation… So sad for Dragonball…

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  1. Roël

    Everyone looks lame.. And out of order.

    Exept piccolo, he looked wicked(H).

  2. Ian

    This looks like a huge disappointment. Just leave db and dbz to the cartoons. Maybe they could try anima for movie. Thats always more amazing and more gorey than cartoons….

  3. jack

    whats is it???? ….o god… hollywood again

  4. Asa

    That was a steaming pile of crap! Oh well, guess the Wachowski’s can’t direct everything….Though I always watch Speed Racer and wonder…

  5. Mike

    That looked like crap. I wouldn’t even spend $5 to watch it even if it was in the Wal-mart bargain bin.

  6. stan

    Omg, They actually put an non asian guy in DB, Hollywood flop why cant they do it properly and try to encompass the source material, cant believe that Goku is white it just doesnt fit in, that trailer was lame, I cant believe that it will be any good, just give it to Stephen Chow who did Kung Fu Hustle he can best I think adapt the source material.

  7. Teaser Trailer

    to stan:

    What does Goku has that’s Asian-looking? If you want to stick to the manga, then you will agree that he is an alien: so don’t make him Japanese, Chinese, Korean or whatsoever from Asia…

    Moreover, by the very standards of mangas, the characters do not exactly look like the East-Asian stereotype (yellow skin, slitty eyes). They definitely look Caucasian….

    So stan, your comment is not really fair (are you a bit racist maybe?). ;-P

    Nonetheless I definitely agree with you about Stephen Chow: if only he had been chosen to direct this Dragonball movie!

  8. stan

    Teaser Trailer Ok I must admit that my comments may be viewed as having a sense of racist overtones, I really didn’t mean it that way. Prior to writing this post I had’nt looked at the full character list and I assumed that most of the cast would encompass asian actors. This is my fault ; I looked to much into it.

    But Piccolo looks sick, I hope that it turns out to be a succes but Stephen Chow to do the sequel

  9. doku doku

    so hey check it its not the character designe that really bums me out. i actually think justin chatwin resembles goku… as much as an actual human can…minus the muscle mass, dammit they could have at least died rossums hair blue… anyway what real bums me out is the way they destroy the original plot. i understand the fact that they are making it more realistic for broader audiances. but i think they went way to far with there creative changes.

  10. Brian

    Listin here, the DB movie looks good, everyone is comparing it to DBZ. Justin chetwin WILL make a Good Goku. everyone else looks good. the movie didnt com out yet, so stop being critics

  11. Chris

    I’ve watched/read Dragonball, and Dragonball Z since I can remember and this doesn’t look that bad to me. Okay, there matching the looks to are generation to possibly keep a lower budget. Goku looks to young and not as buff…well this movie is based in the Dragonball Series so Goku would be a kid but whatever. I think people are once again just being to critical like always. I think it looks good for now, and I am looking forward to making a judgment when I see the MOVIE and not just the trailer before I do.

  12. stan

    ok, I’ll being critical, I am just a little afraid that it may flop cause for ages have been dying to see a live adaptation, and seeing the success of recent comic adaptations guess that I have high expectations. For now I’ll shut up and wait till its released then be a judge. Wonder when they’ll move to a DBZ film really want to see who they’d pick to do Vegeta and how super sayian shall be acheived….. enough from me now, see you next year

  13. Teaser Trailer

    Being critical is a gift stan don’t stop voicing your opinion! Be critical! :)

    Besides this movie adaptation Dragonball does look ugly, kids may like it, but i doubt any fan would appreciate it… I’m quite sure those trailers are enough to judge the overall quality of the Dragonball movie.

    Live action, with real actors, is maybe not fit for it… I start to think that only 3D CGI could render the greatness of the manga in a feature film…

  14. stan

    CGI would be great, I wonder though how they shall encompass the comedy in the manga, cause in the early dragonball I used to crack up when i forgot its been a while when the pig would beg to see Bulma’s panties or when he changed himself into a pair of panties… why isnt the pig(I’ve forgotten his name can someone remind me)
    That’s why I think that Kung Fu Hustle was so great, the action and the comical elements were fused to so greatly and I wonder why they didn’t consider Stephen Chow. Also Bulma’s hair is not blue. I worry that it may become like Hitman, I had such high expectations for that film and saw it being undone, the story was done and dusted they couldn’t fail with hitman and somehow they turned it into crap.

  15. Tommy5tone

    I have been over looking little things for awhile now but this IS TOO DAMN FAR. It will suck, no matter how much thought was put into it from James wong, fan of the show my ass. If you were then why did you have to rape Dragon Ball like this. I advise people to download the move, dont go is it. Show hollywood that we are not going to take this shit any more. Mabe then we will get the anime movies that we, the fans deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so it is known it hurts that I have to say this, I have been a fan of DB before it was even in the us and have not to mention buying alot of the merch to suport it for a long time in all media types, movies, vhs and dvd, cds, video games ect….. As a closing thought the movie looks soooooo close to dragon ball (with no Krillen????) that you may as well have ultra man fighting the teenage mutaint ninja turtles in it!!!

  16. Kobra

    I realize this is DB, and shouldn’t include the DBZ cast. but honestly how in the hell are the gonna replicate(if in fact they play off the original story line) the red ribbon army and General Tzao. I think they really should have brought in the
    main DBZ cast to build on..from what i’ve seen this movie looks to piss off ALOT of true DB fans. I forsee it to FLOP in the theatres, then no one (not even fox) will pick up the tab on the sequel!! Which in my opinion DBZ is where the story line got GREAT and more complex introducing a ton of more characters..

  17. stan

    I agree with Tommy5stone this is hollywood bullshit, To think that maybe my angle is wrong but the recent succes of adaptations that they would try to learn from them. Yeah where is Krillin by the way and I really think that they should have gone with the DBZ line, the Vegeta saga would have been great to start off, But once again I will say they should have made an anime film or let Stephen Chow. Alas I agree download the film, I have been an avid collector of the merchandise supporting DragonBall but more so DragonBallz, Honestly crap crap crap, And Hollywood is too greedy probably attempting to benefit of the merchandising for the kids and not reflecting the true source material

  18. sean

    I don’t think yamcha looks to great and goku’s costume i think looks a lil bit to much like a halloween costume but all in all i don’t think it will be bad at all and i dont even think it should matter if it flops or not. Fans like you and me will enjoy it and isnt that the point :)

  19. Rich

    all you guys saying that stephen chow could do a better job…..well he’s the producer…so he knows how bad this movie is….just like James wong, Stephen chow is raping every hardcore and loyal DB/DBZ fan….so sad….

  20. Roël

    OK all you DB fans.. Tell me one thing..


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