Dragonball Trailer Bootleg

Dragonball Movie - A Crystal Dragonball

A bootleg version of the Dragonball trailer that should be shown in front of Max Payne in october has leaked online. A fellow fan has indeed recorded the Dragonball trailer currently shown at Brand Licensing Europe 2008.

Here below the bootleg trailer of Dragonball the movie:

Dragonball trailer Leaked


1srt ever
live action movie
coming spring 2009
only in theaters
world wide

Judging from this Dragonball trailer I can already say that the movie will not have the support of all the fans of Dragonball: it does not feel like the manga. This Dragonball movie will probably be entertaining, but cannot be really be compared to the original manga…

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  1. Noctambule

    I disagree: this trailer is awesome.
    I wait for the movie since a long time. And I am even more enthusiast about it by now.

  2. Drogo

    With every true fan of Dragonball boycotting this garbage right after seeing this trailer, we can be sure that our friend Noctambule here works for Fox.

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