Fox Wolverine

FOX WOLVERINE MOVIETake a look to this new movie poster of X-Men Origins Wolverine:

Wolverine Movie

Wolverine Movie Leaked Online - Torrent available here, and can watch in streaming here ;-P

Please forgive my cryptic hint below:
I’ve been weak and was subdued by the dark side…
But actually that’s to the advantage of FOX: I am more impatient than ever to see the final version of this Wolverine movie.

With the additional 20 minutes they’ve been shooting and all the finalized special effects it’s gonna be marvelous! Don’t miss it in your local theater to get the best experience from it!

2 Responses - “Fox Wolverine”

  1. xino

    He’s talking about the movie being leaked online:/

    It’s sad man, expecting this great movie and it got leaked:/

    But the leaked version isn’t completed yet

  2. Iszaham

    Look the same as the first one, but it still looks amazingly great.